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Convert djvu to pdf, on a Mac?

Asked by marmoset (934 points ) October 15th, 2010

I need to convert a djvu file to a pdf file. I can’t just use a djvu viewer—I must convert the file to pdf.

For Mac, all I can find (I even searched in the forums at are viewers.

Is there a converter that works for Mac?

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I didn’t see .djvu files listed here but you could try it anyhow.

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The only DJVU reader for Mac I’ve seen is Caminova’s DjVu Browser Plug-in. This package includes an application which allows you to print DJVU files. In the print dialog, select Save as PDF, and save the file.

In addition, you can convert the files online using DocsPal. Upload the DJVU file, select the PDF file, click upload, and wait for the conversion.

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DjView available from DjVuzone exports .djvu to .pdf.

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BRILLIANT—Vortico, thank you so much. DocsPal is exactly what I was hoping existed.

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Ah, one thing I’ve noticed is that it produces PDF files about 8 times smaller than the DJVU Browser Plugin. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but it either gives less print quality or better compression.

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Well, if you have old version of djvu reader that is “DjVuLibre DjView 4.5”, you can convert djvu files to pdf files export function. Newer versions have abolished this function. You can find this old version free of cost on internet. Use google.

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