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This may seem a stupid question, but how does a left-handed string player play in an orchestra?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7846 points ) October 22nd, 2010

Especially if you’re first chair violin or cello or viola. How does that work without stabbing your stand partner in the face with your bow?

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They are generally seated at the other end of the line. if there are more than one, then they sit together.

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Just like at the dinner table, we sit on the end.

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@MissPoovey You’re a string player?

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I play the cello, and you play it just the same way. It may be harder, however. I don’t think they make left handed cellos.

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No, just left handed. From the age where I was the only one in school because the teachers wouldn’t allow anyone to be left handed. If my mom hadn’t hated the teacher so much I would be right handed and confused. Back then there were no music teachers that would teach a left handed person. We lefties were to learn to be right handed or not learn to play an instrument.
But I know the answer from my family, there are now lefties playing now.

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@troubleinharlem yes they make left handed cellos. they just reverse the strings

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