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How do I transfer photo albums from iPhone to my Mac?

Asked by Dr_C (14061 points ) October 25th, 2010

I recently had to purchase a new macbook pro due to the untimely demise of the previous version. I didn’t have a recent back-up, and the external that had my back-up also turned out to be broken so getting the files off of it is not do-able, even through data retrieval services.

I transferred all my music from my iphone to itunes through senuti, and have transferred all my pictured via iphoto, but what I want to transfer are the actual photo albums. Does anyone know how to do this? is there any way to do this without third party software?

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Ehh… this is a pretty tricky thing to do. As I recall, iPhoto should be able to sync your albums as well as your photos, but from what you’re saying it’s not doing it. Personally I would jailbreak my iPhone and pull the files off that way. I know that’s not the ideal solution, but at least it would work!

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