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What kind of bug is this and is it okay to let it outside?

Asked by chelle21689 (4961 points ) October 27th, 2010

I found this in a shipment of vegetables from Florida. I live in Ohio and never seen anything like it. Is it okay to let it go outside or should I kill it? Ugh, it’s gross!

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I don’t know what it is, unfortunately.. but I would kill it just to be on the safe side.
I also live in Ohio, and I have never seen one like it. Leads me to assume they don’t typically live here.

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That looks like some kind of katydid, so it could be native. You could look it up here.

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It looks Orthopteran to me. Let it go.

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Hard to tell from your picture, but it looks like a Handsome Meadow Katydid to me.
If so, they’re pretty harmless, but honestly it’s never a good idea to release insects that are known to come from a different region. That has led to the destruction of many local crops and trees.

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someone told me it’s a leaf bug

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I agree with @GeorgeGee . Even if it’s relatively harmless in its native environment, it could do some serious damage to the local ecology. Rabbits in Australia comes to mind.

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It’s highly doubtful that it will cause any damage if you let it go outside. It could be local. If it isn’t, it’s October in Ohio and isn’t likely to last nor breed if there are no others of its species around. If it might cause you to worry, just squash it.

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I just want to know what kind of bug it is! lol

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Try looking it up on the BugGuide website we gave you.

Also, pics from the side would help. It’s hard to ID an insect from just its underside.

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i gave another pic of it from the top

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That picture is pretty unclear. Have you tried BugGuide yet? It looks a bit like a pine katydid but I didn’t look through the dozens of pages of katydids.

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Don’t kill it and don’t let it out. Keep it and feed it and see what happens. I think it’s neat.

Maybe it eats tomatoes or mealy worms. Got one of those little bug containers like for raising caterpillars or lizards?

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nope it looks nothin like the pic lol. gosh this is bugging me.

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Oh it is!!

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Is it okay to let it outside in ohio??

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If I came across a thing like that, I would let myself outside as fast as my legs could carry me!

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“Oh it is” what?

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it is a pine katy did.

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Cool. If that’s true, it’s a Florida species. Apparently, it’s rare there.

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If there is a local college or university, you could contact them to see what their advice is for getting rid of it. For example, they might be interested in taking it off of your hands.

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Could be a sharpshooter, can’t really tell from the photo. Still trying to find a good match.

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If you have an insect zoo near you, donate it to them.

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Take it to the Men in Black

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If it’s a Florida bug and you are in Ohio, it would most likely not survive the cold weather and winter, and without another bug to mate with wouldn’t cause noticeable damage. Just to be safe, however, you should dispose of it.

A quick and painless way to kill it would be to stick it in the freezer for an hour or so. It will be completely dead and then you can just throw it away. It’s much less disgusting than squashing it.

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Keep it, care for it, experiment and see what it eats…

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It is really cool. Please do not kill it.

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