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I have a terrible flu, what should I do?

Asked by weeveeship (3962 points ) November 4th, 2010

I got a cold three weeks ago. It was a terrible cold but I got better last week.

Two days ago, I got the flu. I have a fever, a sore throat, and a stuffy nose. I have to go to school because of the intense workload. Skipping one day would basically mean failure. (Please do not dispute this. I do not intend to dispute this. I am ill and I need help.)

I am hoarse now too. I took Tylenol cold but that ain’t helping. What should I do? I’ve gone to the doc for a similar case before, but they just told me to go home and take Tylenol.

Excuse me if I sound desperate. I got a lot of work to do and I am already three days behind on my homework.

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Flu usually does not usually include a stuffy nose. Is the muscous green when you blow your nose? It might be a bacterial infection.

Take 600 mg ibuprofen, if the tylenol does not help your fever (it takes tylenol and ibuproen about 50 minutes to work, so wait an hour before you pop more drugs for the fever, make sure you need more). Also take a combination decongenstant/antihistemine, but beware it can make you sleepy. Afrin nose spray can give you immediate relief from the stuffy nose for a few hours, but don’t overuse it.

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In addition to what @JLeslie said, get rest as much as you can and drink plenty of fluids. For the sore throat you can try some throat lozenges or chloraseptic spray.

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Dress warmly, do work but take it easy – too much time staring at a computer screen can make headaches worse, rehydrate with lemon and honey drinks ( they are good for a sore throat), take lots of rest and don’t worry or get stressed this makes it more likly you will get a reoccurance of the flu.School work should not effect you health if you are really struggling ask for an extended deadline, everyone has had a bad cold at some point.

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If you have to go out in public and school then wear a face mask so you don’t expose others.

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echinacea boosts your immune system, works every time for me.

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