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Where is a good winter holiday destination in Northern France?

Asked by wenwen (331 points ) November 23rd, 2010

We have booked a ferry from Dover to Dunkirk for february, and now need to book accommodation. We have an 18 month old, and would like any recommendations for good winter destinations in Northern France.
Skiing is out for us as the baby is too young, but we love the French gastronomy, and history , so we are hoping to hit gold this winter.
It has to be Northern France, as we don’t want to be driving for hours & hours as it’s too draining for our little one.
Any Suggestions?

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Honfleur is a lovely fishing village in Normandy associated with the Impresionists. Nice restaurants, small museums, good walking and a wonderful museum about Erik Satie, the eccentric early 20th century composer. Other great destinations in Normandy that are somewhat bigger are Mont St.-Michel, Bayeux and Dinon; St, Malo in Brittany is a wonderful fortified seaside town.

Two other suggestions in Normany are the city of Rouen and the little village of Lyon la Foret – a wonderfully intact 18th century village.

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Wow, that’s great , will have a look at those places on google earth tonight. Thanks!

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By the way, Lyon la Foret is not far from Rouen so that might make a nice combo. Lyon la Foret is a magical town!

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Bayeux and surrounding area was great in June! Lots of day trips to be taken on the train.

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There might be no snow. No mountains and too close to the ocean. Otherwise I recommend the Bretagne.

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Lille is the best city in the North in my opinion. It’s a beautiful cultural center and not far from Dunkirk at all. Although all are incredible, I wouldn’t consider any of the other places mentioned to be in Northern France. It also depends on how much you’re willing to travel. None of the places above are under 7 hours away from Dunkirk by road. With the weather in Feb and the sometimes getting lost, expect something like 8h30 hours to be a reasonable estimate. Lille won’t disappoint, you’ll definitely find good food here, a few museums, a beautiful historical center, very friendly locals (reputation for being the warmest in France) and you won’t be far from Belgium if you feel like hopping on a train to Brussels. Source/ bias: born near Lille.

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