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If you could be given a food or drink item for the holidays (via the mail), what would you like?

Asked by Jude (31966 points ) December 17th, 2010

From Marinelife’s question, what would you want?

I would love that damn caramel apple or cake of the month! Yay-yeah!

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This because I need to keep up my strength during the hectic season! ;-)

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Cashews. They are my favorite nut, yet they are usually too expensive for me to get regularly. That would be a nice surprise. I can taste them now just thinking about it!

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Red wine and cheese.

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Jaffa Cakes and banoffee pie. Oh, man. WANT.

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I like those fancy huge oranges and also, if someone could find me an absolutely outstanding marmalade, I think I would actually swoon!

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Kahlua sounds yummy :)

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5 lbs of live crawdads, 5 lbs of andouille sausage. Then I can make some good gumbo, I can get the rest of what I need locally.

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@MacBean OK, I had to look up Jaffa Cakes and wikipedia has a delightful description of a court case giving me a new catch phrase for the Holidays (go stale or go hard). You have to read the case to appreciate.

@WestRiverrat All the crawdads here are near frozen but I would contribute to the gumbo!

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Fresh Maine Lobster! (It’s been 20 long years since I’ve had it)

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Jaffa cakes! One of the few sweet things I actually love. Let’s see, what else? A bottle of 18yo Glenlivet would suit me very nicely thank you.

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I want some of these (in original chocolate of course) and some of this.

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@marinelife… the cheese things sound great!

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@Kayak8 It is the very best!

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Godiva chocolates are tops on my list. We did bring a box of Jaffa cakes back from our recent trip to England but they were distressingly stale.

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Then they are NOT cakes…they must truly be biscuits!

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@Kayak8 they’re kind of half-way between a cake and a biscuit, but the laws of staleness prove they are actually a cake. See, if they’re left out, cakes will go dry and biscuits will go soft. Jaffa cakes go dry, therefore they’re cake. :)

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@downtide See my post above…no higher… I am rather messing with @janbb

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@Kayak8 You can mess with me any time but don’t mess with my Jaffa Cakes – or biscuits!

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German Chocolate Cherry Cake and a bottle of Rose Champagne. ;)

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I wouldn’t mind a 16 oz. prime rib and a tall glass of eggnog spiced with 2 shots of E&J Brandy.

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Leg of lamb.
Venison jerky.
Giant tub of Peach ring gummi candy.
Fresh peaches, year round.

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Fruit. Any kind. I’m a fruit fiend. I love fruit.

I also, I know it’s not exactly a food, love when someone sends me spices or herbs. Things that maybe I cannot get on a regular day.

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Any kind of fancy cheese. I have extremely fond memories of receiving gift packages for Xmas from Swiss Colony from my Grandma when I was a little girl.

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I like nuts, wine, specialty coffee, and gourmet mustard.

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I like to eat and drink both so with food I would want straight up honey ham very well with curry goat along with some other West Indian food. A drink for the holidays I would love to a sparkling apple cider.

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@YARNLADY Yummo for the mustard! I love mustard. I just discovered this brand, that I suspect has been around for years, but it is new to me. I recently had some at a Jewish deli. It’s called Beaver Brand Sweet Hot Mustard They make other varieties that I have yet to taste, but the sweet hot is excellent!

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@Kardamom I love Beaver mustard. Although my favorite is Trader Joe’s Dijon. It is killer.

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That chicken pie that was featured on Oprah. Stupid things are so expensive!

Or a cheese of the month subscription… ohh yum but they’re expensive!

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@Samantha_Rae Cheese of the month would make my whole year! Yum yum yum.

I saw an episode of Guy Fieri’s Diner Drive Ins and Dives where he went to this restaurant (who’s name I can’t recall) who’s specialty was grilled cheese sandwiches. Only they used all sorts of different kinds of fancy cheeses and mixed and matched them and added other stuff to them and grilled them up on thick sourdough bread and ciabatta and other crusty tasty breads. Some of them were piled 5 inches thick. It was cheese-lovers heaven.

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A nice big fat Carne Asada burrito with pico de gallo and guacamole from my Favorite taco shop in Chula Vista California. Yummy in my tummy! My mouth is watering now.

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@JustJessica: That looks amazing :) Now my mouth is watering bitch, hehe just kiddinggg

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Give me coffee and no one gets HURT!.

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Certainly not a Fruit cake. Those things are gross.

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@Only138 Am I the only one who likes fruit cake? My step-grandma, rest her sould, used to make the most delicious (and moist) fruit cake ever. She was also an excellent pie maker, having run a diner with her first husband from the 40’s thru the 60’s.

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@Kardamom : I make a truly fabulous fruitcake! It probably doesn’t hurt that it’s filled with Mount Gay rum and Grand Marnier…

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I want some sort of authentic, super-delicious, pastry. A streudel, kringle, braid, whatever – something that blows the grocery store varieties available here out of the water.

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@JilltheTooth might you PM me the recipe for that fruit cake? It sounds decadent : ) Also, do you have a great recipe for rum cake? The kind that you make in a bundt pan?

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@Kardamom ; I’ll try to dig up the fruit cake recipe for you, but sorry, no rum cake… :-(

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