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What should I name my puppy?

Asked by cRazelyCrazed (110 points ) January 27th, 2011

I am planning on getting another yorkie male puppy so I can avoid possible loneliness to my dog Ron. I cannot decide on a name! My other puppy came with the name and now that this one doesn’t come with one I am getting annoyed! My future pup has a furry dark and goldish coat, and is two weeks old. What would be a perfect male name?

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What about Lon Chaney? Yorkies faces look like wolfmen and Lon and Ron rhyme.

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Rufus is a good name.

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I loved a book when I was little where the dog is called Tuff Enuf. I think it’s such a cute name.

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How about New Yorkie ? Or Manhattan? Or Manny Hatten?

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Buster goes well with Ron (Ronnie).

Because of this

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Have fun!

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Rascal for being a puppy.

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i like the name caleb or bushka

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