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Brake and Check Engine light is on?

Asked by appletea1991 (89 points ) February 1st, 2011

Okay I got a smog on my 200 chevy lumina a couple weeks ago and it passed. But my Check engine and brake light come on when i turn the car on then go away after i been driving a couple minutes. What could this be and how can i fix it? Is it the fluid levels or something?

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Check your brake fluid.

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Check that the oil filler cap is secure also the dip stick, check the oil level too while you’re at it…. Also check your brake sensors are still attacked securely to the brake calipers….
Pardon my ignorance but what is smog?? :-/

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Check engine light means you better tell your father or he’s going to be pretty angry and ask you how the hell long have you been driving around with your check engine light on like that? Oh, no. My dad can’t yell at me about that stuff any more. Wow. Sorry. Traumatized when I was a teenage driver and my dad fixed the cars or paid for them to get fixed. Check engine light! Proceed as soon as possible to your mechanic’s. It may be nothing, but then again, it really could be something. Better to know whether or not it is.

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Get thee to Advance Auto Parts. They have the tester and readout and will tell you the meaning of the code – for free! You should buy a quart of oil or something to return the favor.

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Check engine light could be as simple as a loose gas cap. Check to be sure it’s tight. Otherwise, the EGR system might be the problem.

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If they are going off at the same time, the Chuck Engine light is seeing whatever the brake light is. Check your brake fluid level.

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Thanks people. It might be my fluid levels because i have not changed the fluids for like over a year

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At the very least you should check your fluid levels once a week! Tyre pressure too…. :-/

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I just had this happen day before yesterday. I took it in to a shop, he said it could be the gas cap, needs to close with 3 clicks? Sounded too simple. He said bring it back in to put on the tester.
Took it back in the next afternoon. $64 later, yep, gas cap needs to be replaced! Could have been worse and more expensive!
BTW, my car is a 2003 PT Cruiser about 75,000 miles on it.

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