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What are some pure sativa strains of marijuana?

Asked by jabag11 (673 points ) February 10th, 2011

There’s 2 different groups in marijuana, Indica and Sativa. Each provides a different affect. Can you please list all 100% Sativa weeds, or at least mostly sativa. Because Indica and Sativa tend to be mixed a lot of the time, either 50/50 or something like 80/20.

Please list your source if you have one too, thank you.

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I think this is the place to find someone who knows.

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A lot of people say there’s no such thing as a pure Sativa strain anymore. From my extensive personal experience, Super Silver Haze is the most ‘sativa-ish’ of all the current strains available.

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I always try to get sativas but it seems like the best you can get is “mostly sativa”....from dispensaries in Colorado. Might be different other places but my favorite I believe was called Lamb’s Breath. I was a satisfied customer.

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Google sativa strains and like fifty will pop up.

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In addition to sativa and indica there is also ruderalis.

As per pure sativa strains, as buster said this is an easily googled question.

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