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PLO Terrorists or National representatives ?

Asked by SeaTurtle (1179 points ) March 25th, 2011

What is your opinion?
The PLO holds diplomatic relations with over 100 states since 1975 when they agreed with UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, Now considered a Terrorist organisation by the USA. What are your views?

(Mine are that of the other 99+ states, they are the voice of a people being invaded, but that is only my humble uneducated opinion.)
I would like to read not just opinion but your reasoning please. I strive to understand views from all sides and although I understand this is a controversial question I am not looking for a flame war.

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For me some home truths here
“Tell your sons. Not to bother with football. Get a backpack on and crawl. We’re in this for the long haul” (Proclaimers.)

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The Palestinians have suffered from a lot of injustice over the years. If we are not prepared to listen to them it means we don’t care about Palestinians or about justice. They are entitled to their voice and they have a right to be heard.

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The PLO and its leaders have engaged in terrorist actions in the past. There is no doubting that.

Have they turned away from that?

The evidence is mixed.

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Both. They’re a legitimate freedom fighting force and representative of the people. They also have used terrorism as a tactic. I might dislike some of their tactics, but I don’t think that invalidates their legitimacy, at least not completely.

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