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How does one "cheat" on a nail bed drug test?

Asked by JustJessica (4054 points ) March 27th, 2011

I have a friend who is in the midst of an ugly custody battle with her ex husband, he is an avid drug abuser and she plans on bringing this up in court and would like for him to be tested. I know it’s SUPER easy to pass a urine test when your actually positive and I’ve even heard of people fooling a hair follicle test. I’m wondering if cheating a nail bed drug test is possible?... We are trying to find the most accurate/hard to fool test. Any info anyone has on the subject would be great. Thank you ahead of time as I know my fellow jellies are going to be of great help!

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The judge can order it to be done that moment at the court house, I know being a foster parent and having a child that the bio parent is drug addicted they are able to do spot drug screens right there. Where they can collect the specimen without giving your ex time to do anything to prepare for the drug test.

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@creative1 I’m hoping that’s what they will do. If done that way she can save a ton of money, because the nail drug test is the most expensive, even though she is willing to spend whatever she need to, to prove he is abusing drugs.

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The drugs are in the hair strand, no one could fool that if the tester plucked the hair. Blood tested would also be impossible to fool, except for that doctor in Canada who surgically inserted a vial of someoone else’s bllod in his arm!!

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I think the court would most likely pay for the test, and therefore, would use the test they most often use (probably a urine test). Whether or not they collect the sample in the courthouse or elsewhere would influence the outcome. I have seen people get court-ordered to go somewhere to give urine and just not show up (and it’s always up to the judge to decide whether or not the excuse the person provides is acceptable – get a lenient judge, the person gets away with it, even though it’s unbelievable).

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The defendant is actually the one that ends up paying for the test when it’s positive. Now if it were to some reason come out negative (which I have no doubt it will if they give him time to prepare for it) the plaintiff would be responsible for payment . Gosh the judges should know by now people on drugs will go to ANY lengths to hide it from the court.

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I think the nail test is done on the actual nail, not the nail bed. That would hurt so badly!

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you can’t cheat, simple. The only test you can reliably cheat on is a piss test.

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Are you certain there is no way to pass this test? I recently have gotten Emergency Custody of my child because I recieved pictures and documentation of my sons father abusing drugs. But the court has given him 10 days notification. and he is very sneaky. I got custody April 1st and they set court for April 10, so he has 10 days to prepare for drug test. I know with 100pct certainty that he is doing Meth, Marijuana, Mollys, (whatever that is) and Xanax, can he cheat this drug test???

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