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What's your favourite flower?

Asked by MilkyWay (13131 points ) May 7th, 2011

This isn’t only for the ladies, guys like flowers too :D
What’s your favourite flower? Is it because of the colour, or because of it’s own unique shape as well?

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Fake ones.

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Right now, violets. So tasty.

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Double aromatic pink peonies. (Its, please. It’s means “it is.”)

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@incendiary_dan Do you like to eat your violets with bacon?

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Lilacs. I love the smell.

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@KatetheGreat I don’t understand the question. I think it’s supposed to be a statement, because there is no possible way to dislike anything with bacon.

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@incendiary_dan You’re a total nut! :P

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I seem to have a thing for smelly purple ones; lilacs, irises, freesias… but really I like all the smelly ones.

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Calla Lilies To me the aroma is awesome and the flower is pretty cute too!

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Lillies. I just find their colorings and shapes to be beautiful.

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@KatetheGreat Nuts are also good with bacon.

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@incendiary_dan Bacon rules. They should have bacon perfume, no?

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@queenie I found a bacon bra at my local novelty store. They also have them made of beef—jerky!

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Roses for thier scent and shape:)

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Sunflowers because they seem so happy. Also, gerber daisies for the same reason.

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@chyna : You so sappy! :-)

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@incendiary_dan I’ll be needing the address of that store now. Someone has a birthday tomorrow.

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@JilltheTooth I admit it, I am sappy!

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White coral bells upon a slender stalk;
Lilies of the Valley deck my garden walk.
Oh, don’t you wish that you could hear them ring?
That will only happen when the fairies sing!

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Orchids. I particularly love really fragrant ones. Brassavola nodosa is just pretty duiring the day, but as soon as the lights og out, it floods the area with a delightful scent.

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Flowers piss me off, every time I smell them, I get these badass allergic reactions. My face gets all bloated, my nose is all runny, the inside of my ears get all itchy and my throat gets all messed up. Damn flowers.

I like Lilacs though. They smell cool, although I avoid smelling them because of what it does to me. Also they’re all funny looking.

There’s another flower I think is pretty cool, but I don’t know the name. They grow in small, bush like trees, and they’re pale blue, with whitening tips. They’re bell shaped. Now what’s interesting about this flower is…in the early morning, if you stick your finger or nose inside them, the petals close up. It doesn’t hurt or anything, and you can easily free yourself from it. When I was little our neighbor had those, and while waiting for the school bus, I used to mess with them, because I thought it was funny how they closed on my nose.

Maybe that’s why flowers aren’t kind to me, they’re having vengeance.

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I love lilies to put in something like a vase, but jasmine or other such subtle flowers braided into a woman’s hair is absolutely gorgeous. My heart just melts..

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Exotic Orchids and Birds of Paradise

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Roses and tulips.
Pink roses..the shape… the smell.
I love most flowers, they make me smile, they make me happy.
I love flowers. I could stare at a flower for a long long time.
Van Goghs sunflowers and irises…

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tiger lilly When I was a kid my parents called them freckle flowers and if I touched one I would be totally covered in freckles so I left them alone always. Of course later I learned that was all bullshit, right?

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Orchids for looking, lilacs for smelling.

@ddude1116 I actually just bought a ton of fake flowers and glued them to bobby pins about an hour ago. Gerber daisies, poppies, jasmine, and a few others.

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Passion Flowers

Its such a uniquely beautiful flower.

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@uberbatman Wow those looked awesomely fucked up.

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Freesias, daffodils and other spring flowers. I love apple blossoms too. For lower arrangements I like lillies and I like less common flowers like Proteas, Heliconias and gingers.

When I get my vege garden going properly, I want to include a bed of picking flowers. I like cut flowers in the house but I would like a wider choice AND not to have to spend money on them.

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Day lilies or tiger lilies

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Yellow Roses

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Then again, I was born on Lilac Lane.

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It’s so hard to pick because I love so many of them.Jasmine,honeysuckle,lily of the valley,hyacinths,lilies and roses smell the best to me.I love the way iris,colombines,poppies,roses,sunflowers,tulips,water lilies, and pansies look….I think I like them all:)

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Mine has always been lilac but the new house I moved into surprised me with dozens of Hyacinth’s this spring and I love the smell and can’t decide which color smells the prettiest! Pink so far is simply amazing!

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@Symbeline yes they do. Some types are actually quite easy to care for too. I have a plant that grows like a weed and blooms for the better part of the summer. I love just staring at the flowers and all their intricacies. The only real downside to them is they wilt to nothing within about a half hour of being cut off the plant so you can never really have them in a vase inside.

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Blue hydrangea

We had two bushes we had to leave at our old house when we moved and it’s one of the things I miss most. I hope to plant some new bushes next week. I love the size of the flower and the color is very calming to me.

Butterfly bush is another plant I miss from our old garden.

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For @bob_ : What’s better than roses on your piano?
Tulips on your organ!

bu dum ching

I most like the spring flowers too, like @JilltheTooth the purple ones. Irises make me swoon with their lemony scent that can’t be matched in a lab.

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@Blueroses Do you deliver?

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@bob_ I’ve never had a single complaint about my delivery.

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@Blueroses Atta girl.

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