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Why is golf so hard?

Asked by JHUstudent (692points) May 19th, 2011

Why is the art of swinging a golf club so hard?

Much like throwing a football, shooting a basketball or swinging a baseball bat, it seems to come down to simple mechanics.

Keep your left arm straight. Swing with your hips, not your arms. Put your balance on the balls of your feet. Bend from the hips.

Obviously there’s a little more to it, I’m just summarizing. But why does this seem so much harder to master than the rest?

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First, because you’re using a tool and not your hand. Second, because you’re using that tool, in a setting devoid of references, mechanical guides and stops, to inflict a very specific ballistic trajectory. The number of variables that must be fixed mounts with every new element added. The more variables the harder it is to meet them all.

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Because you need to hit the ball so precisely for a good shot. And you’re making a large movement to hit it with a tiny part of the club. All kinds of inaccuracy is easily introduced. Just stare that ball down. Stare that thing down!

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See it’s not though. Like all sports it’s between the ears that counts. Over complicate & muse over every little thing & you’re going to fail. Me, I keep it simple, remember the basics, make sure you trust in your swing & let that sucker fly. Never let me down, I love sports me like! ;¬}

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Would it be fun if it was easier? If you lose the challenge, and everyone can do it and it is simple, I think the charm would be lost. This way, it’s a fun challenge. (Speaking as a person who does not play golf, but I know many who do play.)

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You’re swinging a three to four foot club, moving at around 100 mph at a ball not much bigger than 2 walnuts. Go inquire about this and Robin Williams. It’s well worth the time.

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Trying to hit a golf ball is tough indeed. However, a whole lot of the problems with doing it well have to do with what goes on between our ears. Golfing is a mental game much more than people realize. You can have folks that are capable of hitting perfect shots regularly and putting lights out on Sundays, but if you put them in a tournament they fall to pieces. The reason it is so hard to play golf is because we start over thinking among other things. There is a wonderful program that works on that particular area of the game called How to Break 80: it is a solid read if you ever want to give it a shot. I am including a review I wrote on it in the sources below if you are interested in it.

Either way, the mind is the reason golf is so hard in my view.


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