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If you could choose an animal to suit your personality, which would it be?

Asked by MilkyWay (13597 points ) May 25th, 2011

Simple really.
Just choose which animal you think has similiar characteristics to you.

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A hyena. Social exile, laughs at his own jokes, and is irritated by people.

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A lemur. I’m lots of fun, I am full of energy, and I’m quite quirky and intelligent at times.

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Panda. Unassuming but cute. LOL.

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Cool! Thanks for sharing guys :)

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Sloth bear, yeah, I’m lazy as hell, maybe even cute, definitely cuddly looking, can eat anything, protective of the ones close to me, BUT DO NOT F*** WITH ME OR I WILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF AND SUCK ON IT LIKE A JOLLY RANCHER.

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A snuffleupagus.

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«—This one.

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I’d love to say the owl; strong, wise, elegant, a mysterious creature of the night. The only thing I have in common with the owl though, is swallowing. Haha.

I’m more like the vulture; filthy, scrawny, take what I can get, obsession with carrion, and it sounds horrible when I shriek. I also like picking through the garbage.

Berserker's avatar

Leggo my compost, son!

MilkyWay's avatar

@FutureMemory Um, what’s a “snuffleupagus”?

Berserker's avatar

Sounds pretty perverted to me.

YARNLADY's avatar

A sheep. They’re so cute and cuddly looking, and have a reputation for being sheepish, but have you ever been butted by one. They pack powerful punch

Seelix's avatar

“What’s a snuffleupagus?”


Have you people never watched Sesame Street?

King_Pariah's avatar

@YARNLADY why did you have to say that and make me go down memory lane again?

my jewels… why does psychosomatic pain feel so real?!

Berserker's avatar

@Seelix All I remember is The Count. He ruled. Also, some stoned hobo living in the garbage.

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Great question! I finally saw The Golden Compass the other night and people’s souls were called their ‘demons’ and walked beside them as animals. I am fascinated by that concept and have been thinking about it since. The children’s ‘demons’ could shift shapes, and the adult’s had ‘settled’ into one. I still haven’t figured out what mine is….It was sorta creepy cuz other people could see yours in the movie, but I’ll have to watch it again as I’m not sure everybody could.

Cruiser's avatar

Raging Bull!

Blueroses's avatar

An otter – playful and I float on my back and smash my food on a rock.

incendiary_dan's avatar

A bear. Docile most of the time, spends lots of time foraging, but fiercely protective of their clan.

Sunny2's avatar

A donkey. I admit it. I can be kind of an ass.

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@FutureMemory Omg! I remember that guy now! :D

Blueroses's avatar

Whoa, @Seelix, why is your Snuffie link “forbidden”? Is he naked? Sesame Porn?

HungryGuy's avatar

The ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal

Seelix's avatar

@Blueroses – Strange, it’s not “forbidden” for me. Just a regular old picture of regular old Snuffie!

MilkyWay's avatar

@Blueroses Same here. Forbidden. But check out @FutureMemory ‘s link.

MilkyWay's avatar

@HungryGuy Now what is that?

Blueroses's avatar

Oh, I already know who he is @queenie I’ve just never seen a naughty picture of him and now I’m disappointed.

HungryGuy's avatar

@queenie – Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”. An old BBC radio show from years ago and several novels.

Seelix's avatar

@Blueroses – Sorry to disappoint ;)

Berserker's avatar

Don’t yall make me look up Sesame Street pr0nz now…

MilkyWay's avatar

@Symbeline Nah, just look up “100 ways to kill a zombie”. Much betta ;)

HungryGuy's avatar

@queenie – You can’t kill a zombie. It’s already dead. The most you can do is blow it to bits or chop it up so it has no way to move around…

Blueroses's avatar

Like anyone has to “make” you do that @Symbeline. I’ve seen your Bert and Ernie collection and you are sick!

Berserker's avatar

I guess I’ll leave my ’‘Big Bird’’ collection outta sight then…now for some moar zombie porn…shit, what’d I say.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Cat. Most definitely a cat. I hiss when angry (no, I mean I LITERALLY hiss- I’m either a vampire or a cat), I purr when pleased, I curl into a ball to sleep, I’ll look for attention when I want it, if I’m not in the right mood I don’t like to be touched, I like to nap in sunny spots, I enjoy energetic play for brief periods of time… I’m also double jointed and do this really weird thing with my fingers that makes them look like I’ve just extended claws.

I also have eight nipples and I can groom my own… nevermind.

Berserker's avatar

Eight nipples?! I’m there, dude.

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A goldfish. I pace constantly, stare aimlessly, and accomplish nothing. Fish smell ten times worse, though, I’d never swim where I shit.

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A megatherium.

I’m a big, ancient sloth, and cats love me. ;-p

I’m too lazy to give any more details.

King_Pariah's avatar

@Brian1946 extinct as well?

Brian1946's avatar


They still exist in Quaternary Park. ;-)

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My daughter wants to answer this one… she would be a monkey because she is really good at climbing- started climbing before she started walking.
she knows I love Fluther and wants her own account but she’s only 8…

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Tell her this is her first GA, @linguaphile.

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That’s adorable, so here’s a GA from me too.

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@Brian1946 hardy har har har.

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A goose that belongs to me!

Custom barn with windows, shutters, and a ‘goose-port.’
Lovely landscaped corral with bamboos and smoke trees and oaks for shade.
2 big swimming pools on stall mats for extra comfy footing, and, the best feed, tubs and tubs of sparkling cold water, organic produce and all the ancient grains bread I could eat.

Swim my life away and nap in the shade the rest of the time. :-)

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A cat

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A bumblebee.
It isn’t greedy, carries just enough gold to still be able to gun it’s little motor and be off to share. Also, bumblebees rarely sting but they are known to bite. Me too.

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Fuck billed twattypuss…I might have gotten the name wrong though, only slightly.

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I love this! Interesting to know how you people see yourselves :)

Coloma's avatar

Did I mention the ‘his&hers’ beach umbrellas over the pools? lol

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@WasCy @Brian1946 I told her—she was so thrilled and said thank you! I plan to let her read some age-appropriate Q and A’s because this is a great place for her to learn how to discuss ideas :D

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