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What did you buy in 2011 you never before thought of but are now invaluable and think others would benefit by?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22612 points ) May 26th, 2011


* Steam Buddy clothes brush/wand- $15.00 and it plugs in to any outlet and makes even the delicate and intricate parts of clothes smooth without marks.

* Silicone adhesive strapless gel bra- $10.00 to actually have support, coverage and natural shape you can wear under sheer fabric or even bathing suit tops.

* Flavored dental floss picks- these are now a staple in my handbag for a quick clean up if I can’t get to a restroom to brush.

* Tweezerman Cuticle Nipper- awesome snips for nails, hangnail skin, wayward hairs, torn skin owies and tiny clothing threads/pulls/snags.

* Straight Talk celly cards- $30.00 for phone, text, camera and web. No extra fees, just sales tax.

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Jolt mints. 5 mints have the same caffeine as a cup of coffee. They keep me awake when I am in a meeting with the patent attorney. I keep a tin in my attache case.

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A portable DVD player

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Pocket fisherman, Ronco

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Tea tree oil. Great for minor skin rash.

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@worriedguy: I just put those in my shopping cart. Good idea to keep in the glove compartments of our cars.

@Beulah: Tea Tree oil is great stuff. I often put a few drop in a palm full of lotion and rub myself down. No more itchies.

I was gifted a Tom Tom portable GPS doo-dad that’s really working it’s way to my heart.

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@Neizvestnaya It’s a great product. They also have gum.

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