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How can I make shrimp cocktail sauce from fresh tomatoes?

Asked by ETpro (34145 points ) August 13th, 2011

The Haymarket had the big market-sized crates of tomatoes today for $5. Who could say no to a deal like that? Aside from eating what we can while they’re still fresh, we can make some spaghetti sauce and some salsa to put up for later in the winter when fresh tomatoes are hard to come by. But I don’t have a clue how to make shrimp cocktail sauce. Does anyone have a recipe starting from fresh tomatoes?

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There is nothing finer than a good cocktail sauce when eating seafood. After spending a few minutes looking on the internet for a recipe using fresh tomatoes, you may be out of luck. It looks like most, if not all, use ketchup. Considering the amount of time and effort that would go into preparing the tomato base, unless you go through a a tremendous amount of cocktail sauce, it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Our family just uses regular cocktail sauce and adds extra horseradish and a squeeze of fresh lemon to make it tastier.

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Heres what looks like a simple cocktail sauce link

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@creative1 That recipe looks great! How in the world did you find one with fresh tomatoes? I tried several variances while searching.

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Here is a fresh tomato cocktail sauce recipe that uses Vodka

And here’s one for a Mexican-style cocktail sauce.

And here’s one for a Honey-Chipotlefor-Shrimp-Cocktail-Recipezaar cocktail sauce.

And here is one for a Shrimp and Pasta with Fresh Tomato and Basil Sauce that’s a little bit different than a cocktail, but thought you might like to try this variation on a theme.

And here’s one for a traditional cocktail sauce

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@creative1 Thanks so much. Like @Pied_Pfeffer, I wasn’t having much luck with search.

@Kardamom Outstanding. I love Mexican and chipotle as well as the more ordinary English and French style sauces. Those all sound great.

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I seem to have a knack for locating recipes online and keep looking till I find the one that uses one with ingredients that I want to use.

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@creative1 Knack much appreciated. My wife has a knack for finding real bargains at the Haymarket too. She found a vendor selling a whole flat, 25 nice, big, ripe, red tomatoes, for $1!

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@ETpro Now that is quite a knack I think I like your wife‚Ķ I love a great bargin. If I wasn’t trying to empty out my house from food for my move I would head over to haymarket myself for those sort of bargins, come to think of it I will have to put it in my calendar to go after my move is done. Thanks for reminding me of the place I forgot about it, my father used to go all the time when we were kids

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@creative1 Sorry, but my wife’s taken. :-)

Where are you planning to move? We live right near the Old North Church on Salem St. so it’s just a couple of block’s walk. But if you are anywhere near the T or commuter rail, it isn’t tough to get to Haymarket Station and you’re right there. When we lived down in the South End we took the T and brought a 2-wheeled cart to carry stuff back on the train. Worked like a charm. But of course being right here in the North End is the cat’s meow. Not a cheap cat, though. :-)

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@ETpro I’m not gay just like a good bargin, I too am good at bargin shopping. My kids have clothes for the next couple of years already that I get in advance that I get on clearance for a couple of bucks for a pair of jeans. I would love to go shopping with her I am sure we would have great fun lol

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@creative1 Ha! I bet you would. She loves to both donate to and shop at the Salvation Army Thrift Store as well as the Haymarket. And she always knows where the clearnace sales and two-for-one fofers at CVS Pharmacy are happening.

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