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Do you suppose Medieval English longbowmen could do "trick shots" like Robin Hood?

Asked by josie (22422 points ) August 30th, 2011

I was watching the movie, Robin Hood, the one with Kevin Costner.

In many scenes, Robin Hood, the skilled archer, licks the feather fletchings, or tears them off or spits on the point or something in order to make the arrow do all sorts of wild stuff in flight.

Of course, this is mostly Hollywood bullshit.

But I got to wondering if some of those English archers, especially in the early decades of the Hundred Years War, when they were total hot shit, got their skills down to the point where they could actually do tricks with the arrows.

Sort of like the way professional golfers can shape shots while bozos like me hope that I will hit the ball straight.

Anybody know anything about that.

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I do suppose that they would become quite skilled at trick shots,much like me and my magical nine iron.:)
Sooner or later one would get bored and want more of a challenge I would think

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The English Longbowmen were mostly professional hunters or soldiers. They spent from sun up to sun down with their bows nearly every day. I don’t know if they could do the trick shots depicted in the movies, but I am sure the best of them could do some amazing things with their bows.

Just like the soldiers in the Civil war, they devised games and events to occupy them when not fighting or actually training. These games would center around things they had available…their bow and arrows being part of it.

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Of course. Anything that anyone becomes skilled in anything will take it as far as they can!

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@Dutchess_III What a hoot. Thanks for that.

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@josie : ) It makes me happy to watch it! Of course…I don’t know any of the kids, andmost importantly, none of the kids are mine. And I would never show it to any male I loved under the age of 30. Which is why I haven’t shown my son yet ‘cuz he’s only 24!

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I hear tell they could skewer a grape perched atop a village idiot’s erect penis from 100 yards away.
Now that is impressive, performing a castration without the need for a local anaesthetic, marvellous!

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