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What is the MacBookPro LED light for?

Asked by dreamwolf (3147 points ) August 30th, 2011

Obviously, it can help out with night time typing. However, on the Apple website, they pitch the LED light like it is so much more.

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The monitor also uses LED backlighting. That is actually a pretty big selling point. Maybe you are mixing the two up.

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@johnpowell Oh yes, okay actually I am. Can you explain how that helps out? I also notice it underneath the keyboard. However, with the LED lighting, it still has more battery life than my old white MacBook. :)

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Using a LED for backlighting the screen saves a lot of battery life while allowing the screen to be thinner and produces brighter colors.

Here is the two monitors on my desk. Older non-led on the left and LED on the right.

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@johnpowell Ahh I see! Thank you so much.

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