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What concerto do you suggest for a high school student to play for a competition?

Asked by rentluva5256 (550 points ) September 20th, 2011

I would like to find a clarinet concerto that can be played with an orchestra. Preferrably in a major key and preferrably free. But if you know of anything, anything at all, let me know. Thanks! :)

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It’s not quite a concerto, but my favorite piece to listen to that is played on clarinet is Rhapsody in Blue (aka the United Airlines song).

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Mozart wrote beautiful music for clarinet;

The trio (E flat), the quintet (A) and the concerto (A) are all in major keys and all jolly. The music is in the public domain. Try Google.

Carl Maria von Weber:

Clarinet Quintet (B flat)

Karl Stamitz:

Clarinet concerto (B Flat)

There are others but these the ones I have heard (and loved)>

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PS. By definition a concerto includes an orchestra and a solo (or two or three) instrument(s).

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