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What's your move-time? (see details)

Asked by harple (10420 points ) October 1st, 2011

Think of your age, then divide it by the number of times you have moved house. What number do you get? That’s the length in years between each move IF you had spread the moves out equally over your life…

Mine is 1.29 years… Eek! Anyone get a lower number than that? (If you’ve never moved, you don’t need to say your age, just that you have never moved…)

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12.5 If I did it right.

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1 (Navy brat!)

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Mine is now 10.79 years.

The last time I moved was about 38 years ago. At that time, my m-t was 4.5 years.

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2.95 on average, higher recently and lower in the past.

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Mine is precisely 2. I’m 28 and have moved 14 times. Most of those have been since I was 18, I was in two houses up until then. If you consider short-term living situations (moving home over the summer), I’ve probably moved even more often. But I’ve received mail at 12 addresses since I was 18.

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I am still the king!! Woo hoo!

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4.4 :-/

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14.5 years.

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3.61 – I’m 47. I only counted college as one move, though I was there for 4 years.

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3…...but my ex worked in the oil industry so we never had roots anywhere. Been in this house the longest 2yrs.

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Let’s see. Someone will have to check my math.

I’m 25.

Thirteen moves (talk about your unstable childhoods)

F*k it, I’m using a calculator.

Okay, I’ve moved approximately every six months throughout my life. Yep. Wait, did I do that wrong?

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If you moved about every 6 months, that would be twice a year. 2X25=50.

You’ve moved about every 23 months throughout your life. Your move time is about once every 1.92 years.

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Ah. See. This is why I have other people do my math. ^_^

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I am not counting the retirement place, which we haven’t fully moved into yet.

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7 even. One of the times I moved was out of and back into the same house again, and I didn’t count college dorm living.

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Does the first home count as well? Anyone who has never moved would divide by 0.

I get 8.4 counting the 1st home.

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Wow, thanks for the answers folks! So far on our spectrum we range from @Leanne1986 with a m-t equivalent of every year to @ANef_is_Enuf, who’s m-t equivalent is every 14.5 years. :-)

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My move time is 8.6. That is my adult move time (18 years old and in control of my life). However I have lived at my present location for 16 years and hope to stay here another 16. As a child we moved about every year or so.

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2.1 – I’m 21, moved 10 times. I was at one address for 10 years, so that screwed up my scored :( Think of all the lurve I could’ve had, damn stability.

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1.41 I think the longest I’ve lived in one place is 6 years and that was decades ago.

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Apartments or cities?

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I forgot about 2 places so actually 1.5

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I hate moving. We’ve been in the same place for the last 10 years.

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My Mom, who was abandoned by her father, after her mother died in childbirth, was moved twice a year or more, till she was 16. When she was in 7th grade, she moved 7 times.
After she married, they moved several times (my Dad was in the Navy), then moved a few times when they settled in Oakland. When my Mom moved into the home I grew up in, she stayed there for 45 years. She moved out in 2005, and moved into a house my sister built for her. 4 days later, she was in the hospital, and one month later she died.
Even though she spent 45 years in the same house, the extreme number of moves when she was a child would probably put her around a 1.6.

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12.2 Sheese! looking back I’ve moved more than I thought. And I hate hate moving.:\

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4.92. But I’ve been in the same place for more than half my years. So if I recompute…it was 2.5 before that. A lot of dormitories and apartments.

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It averages out to a move every two years.
Hopefully we’ll be staying put for a long time!

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@nikipedia actually physically moving all your stuff into a new home, even if in the same town/city.

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21 moves in 26 years, so 1.24. Will probably be 1.18 before this year is over.

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I find it really interesting to think of it in this way… I actually spent 11 years in one place as a child, and have had other places as an adult where I have been for several years, but to look at what the spread would be if they were all evenly spaced is intriguing, if not a little scary…

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1.1 if I include the two more places I forgot and the different dorms I’ve been in. Plus I know for a fact that I will be moving at least one more time this year. Geez.

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I look at the other frequent moving a jellies and wonder how many also hate moving and keeping thinking the next place will be the one to settle down and enjoy?

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I absolutely hate moving, but once I was on my own I never found a place I wanted to stay in for long. One of my childhood homes did last for 7 years, and another for 5 (at which point I moved out); in my mind those both have a permanence that they probably didn’t to my parents.

I never intended to remain exactly where I am now. When my husband and I got married, we thought we’d make one move together and then stay put, but we’re still in the house he had before we met. After 34 years in one spot, it’s starting to look like we’re not moving, and at this point I think I’d rather die than sort and pack everything.

And I probably will.

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4.61; and when I analyze the numbers, I have a fairly rhythmic scenario. Between birth and college, there were three moves. Between college and marriage, there were three moves. Between marriage and a return to the Austin, there were 3 moves. Once returned to Austin, there were 4 moves. I’ll likely move one more time as I look at retirement.

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@picante I had never made the link that you live in Austin!

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@harple—yes ma’am. I’m a UT grad, and although I moved away briefly following graduation, I’m back with a vengeance. I actually moved to the country a few years back but still commute to the (suburban) city each day.

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