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It's Saturday! Post something funny so we can lighten up the spirits around this place!

Asked by KateTheGreat (13625 points ) October 15th, 2011

With complaints of hostility and rude behavior, why don’t we just drop everything and post something humorous, witty, or particularly enlightening.

Laughter is the best medicine. :)

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Let’s have pancakes!!!!!

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I’ve got a new ball for @Dog! Here boy!

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@ANef_is_Enuf’s spleen just spontaneously fell out. I feel bad for laughing…

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Here is a pretty funny video. :)

@Dog Mmmm, sounds great!
@WillWorkForChocolate You’re a nut.

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Macadamia or Pistachio?

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Great idea! Let’s do something fun without having to think of sex eventually! Yey! Sorry I’m a male nympho. : (

Ok seriously, who is up for some Sangria and Spanish food? Or burgers? Whatever you like!

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9:02 and Coloma sits
at her window with sneezing fits

She’s pissed, so pissed, she feels like shit
she is not happy, not one bit!

A nasty cold has gripped her head
she may be soon back off to bed.

Her body aches, her beak is sore
she flings a tissue to the floor

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^ Not very cheerful @Coloma. Want a hot toddy?

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Yes, thank you, I certainly have enough whine to go with my cheese. LOL

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@Coloma I’m pretty sick too! :( But hey, we’ll be better soon!

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Awww…here, have a kleenex.

Coloma's avatar This site always cracks me up!

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In case you missed my last post, May I present….................................................................., The Bad Ass Honey Badger

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My 9 year old daughter wants to join the roller derby. She’s gotten herself dolled up in shorts, rollerblades and her big brother’s oversized pads and skateboarding helmet. And a tutu.

She wants to skate to the park 5 blocks away in that getup.

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Some crackjob publication claimed that the name “Israel” has been written in some hieroglyphics. They just say that to buy their garbage.

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@zensky, no link, just something that came in the mail.

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I didn’t know spirits were heavy…

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Oh, and another favorite humor site

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Mine aren’t heavy, but I’m posting stupid/silly stuff because I was invited to.

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@WillWorkForChocolate LOL!!
Oh yeah, and ouch. Ouch. Woe is me.

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@snowberry Mine aren’t either, but any time I can be light and funny, bring it on! :D

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Let Pat Sajak lighten the mood today.

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@Dog Had a scratch behind the ears (or elsewhere) yet today?

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I was going to save this for next month, but now seems a good time.

If you think that there has been acrimony here, this describes our family dynamic now (without mentioning the 6-year-old autistic Julian who at present will eat only chicken and popcorn).

Wald, ,Calders, Golds, Gaboshes, Schutzes, Gold-Schutzes, and Prime at table

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And if you want a lesson on being flexible and open-minded with no preaching or lecturing,

see Maru.

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Big Bill is always a classic for me. I laugh everytime. Happy Saturday everyone. ^^

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Two Hot Girls In The Shower are always good for a laugh.

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LYFAO because I’m sexy and I know it.

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I just told this in another thread, and thought I’d share in this one.

Last night I heard a commotion and looked out to see one of the neigh-bors, “Dove” the quarter horse Buckskin Muley girl pummeling one of their sheep. She had him trapped in the pipe corral arena in their pasture and every time he tried to escape she ran him into the corner and at one point was kneeling on him and had his head in her jaws. LOL

She wasn’t really being seriously aggressive, but enough that we assume he did something to really piss her off. It was hilarious..sheep upside down screaming and the mule pinning him down. Ya had to be here! :-D

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Maybe the mule (horse?) didn’t like the sheep’s writing style?

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The second time I smoked weed it was from a bong. I had no idea what a bong and carb was.

So. I was in my friends bedroom and there was about 10 people in a circle around me. This was a big deal since I was pretty firm on my stance of not doing drugs. But this girl I liked smoked a lot of weed so I thought it would make us have something in common.

So my buddy Amber lit the weed and a few seconds later pulled the carb. I was not prepared for that. I coughed into the bong and sprayed bong water all over the room.

Still ended up losing my virginity to the girl.

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Here’s a hysterical video of Milton Berle on the Muppet Show.

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Maybe…Mule to sheep: ” My bad to your Baaaaad”

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@Coloma :: Your avatar freaks me the fuck out.

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Haha..oh, don’t make me laugh, it hurts, I have sore ribs from coughing with my cold.

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@Hawaii_Jake: Now, that is funny. The great comedians of the golden era of comedy brought a certain graciousness to the mic.


This is not to make fun of everyone who goes there, but I thought you might get a chuckle out of this—-

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This is not funny, but it is… uplifting.

Gotta love Latin American TV.

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Old, but I think I’m required to post stuff from The Onion in this thread because it seems I post something from it every other question.

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Haha..funny! Yep, I was 10 years old and I remember it was this great summer night and my mom MADE me come in from playing to watch the fucking moon walk. Fuck! lol

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Lurvin’ this thread.

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Haha…creepy funny!

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@everephebe Hahahaha, my friend showed this to me once! She asked me if it really happens all of the time over there. :)

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To which you obviously replied, yes.^

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@everephebe Of course. Every time I go back, I like to participate in “Traveling Band.” It’s kind of like Guitar Hero, just 10x more epic.

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I lurve you people. That is all.

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It’s Saturday? I have to quit drinking. And where did this tatoo come from?

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That David Hasslehoff daughter showed me that in a hotel room when we were on a little getaway a few years ago..I wet my pants, literally! LOL

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My cat found a SNAKE in my living room last night! Yes, it was hilarious. :-/

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It’s Sunday. Now what?

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You’re right @Symbeline! Now, it should be: it’s Sunday! Post something funny so we can lighten up the spirits around this place!

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Saturdays are for humor, Sundays are for orgies.

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Yes, y’all can PM me pictures of your bits.~
After all it’s Sunday…

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@KateTheGreat I’m down for that. Let’s add a Xenomorph theme to today’s gangbang. :D

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Orgies sound like fun! …And even more fun if one or more of the females likes to be tied up :-p

Unfortunately, females who like to be tied up are hard to find…last one I met was about 5 years ago and I had to Amtrak out to Cleveland every other weekend to play with her…

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go to church naked.

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@everephebe Yes, y’all can PM me pictures of your bits.~

They usually arrive in my email.

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Another personal classic for me.

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@janbb: Very very funny, even though I could not understand every word.

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Oh, I saw two grown men and one young boy going for a jog in an unusual way. They were first jogging straight then went to one side (while laughing) and then turn the other way. They looked totally ridiculous. It was great seeing them get a kick out of exercising or maybe they were just goofing around. But it was amusing. They added the whole swinging of the elbows like they where doing some old broadway show and exiting the stage.

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