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Just for fun, what other jobs or roles in life can you pretend to play without being caught?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18766 points ) October 17th, 2011

And how long do you think before someone could catch your pretense? This is not a serious question, just probing your personalities a bit and sense of fun. Thanks.

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[I could pretend to be: I’d last this long.]

A gas pump attendant : Years
A cashier : Probly ten minutes: Never been a cashier
A spy: Being that there would be no real missions I think I could last a fair bit of time
A screenwriter: Years

Gosh, there’s lots.

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A teacher
A day care worker
A drugstore/greeting card shop worker
A greeter (Walmart?)
An antique shop entrepreneur

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I could pretend to be a gigolo. Hell, maybe I will be one anyway.

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@CWOTUS I’ll take the M,W,F shift if you cover T, Th, S, Su.

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I once spent a year pretending to be a classroom teacher… My pretence was discovered within hours… Now I pretend to be a classroom (style) teacher for up to 50 minutes at a time MAX with at least a week inbetween and seem to get away with it! ~

EDIT – Thought I better add, I am actually trained and qualified as a classroom teacher!!

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I don’t mind working Mondays, but I still need Sundays off to watch the Pats.

I think I could also be an NFL football referee. I look good in vertical stripes, and I’m used to carrying a handkerchief in my back pocket. (I like to nap during the third quarter, though.)

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Stripper, I suppose.

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A tour guide, especially because I’ve been to the art museums around here so many times. I’ll just wear a colorful vest, walk up to a group of tourists who look lost, and start showing them around and making up stuff about the art.

A Greenpeace activist, petitioner, etc- same deal, just stand on the street corner with a clipboard and start collecting signatures.

Fortune teller- I’d go out with a pack of tarot cards and start cold-reading people.

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I think I could convincingly mimic mostly anything that relies on dialogue or interaction, most tasks that are based on simple grade-school logic (like working at a register), but probably zero tasks that involve hands-on technical skill (like, surgery or mechanics for instance.) And how long I’d last would probably depend more on the co-workers than the clients.

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@Ayesha I think that’s one job no one would think of checking out if you are pretending. Lol.

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Seeing as I know so many languages, I could probably get away with teaching a language that I don’t actually know. In other words, I know enough about languages to make sounds that would impersonate any language quite well, thus allowing me to teach made up nonsense for maybe a month or so.

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@poisonedantidote Well then, I have a couple of friends who wish to learn some French for you. Can’t wait to see them try it out and get weird looks. Lol.

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@mazingerz88 Neh, probably will get caught I suppose. I’ll think of something else.

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Yep, I’m going with teaching dance. Ballroom lessons!

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A perfect mother- but I could probably only keep that one up for a couple hours.

An Asian nail tech- I’ve got the quietly whispering and giggling about patrons, right in front of them, down to an art. But I’d screw the acrylic nails up… so maybe 1 hour?

A hairdresser- I could keep it up forever, as long as I only get customers who want a buzzcut or a shave.

A chef- I could keep it up indefinitely, unless you wanted breakfast… then I’m screwed.

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I could pretend to be a professor.
I could pretend to be a novelist on tour (although not if I actually had to write the book).
I could pretend to be a jazz musician, especially if I had a good backup band.
I could pretend to be an advice columnist.
I could even pretend to be a blogger, I think.

Not sure I could pull this off, but I’d love to try to pretend to be a creativity teacher.

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An astronaut: probably would not be able to start the engines.
A wirter: ...............
An accountant: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 6, 8, 9, 11

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A former reality show participant.

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I could pretend to be an old man who fishes all day. I think I have a rod out in the garage, now I just have to do the “look old” part. Maybe someone could help me with the makeup.

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I want to be a wirter, too!

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@CWOTUS What? No sailing?

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I already can sail.

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Is there such a thing as “Professional Bitch”? I’d never get caught for pretending!

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