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Why do my cats briefly go bonkers after pooping?

Asked by poofandmook (17212 points ) November 1st, 2011

Mookie just did the craziest dance across the floor, and then spent the next few minutes bolting from room to room.

Then the Poof went into the litterbox and came out, got startled by me just saying her name, ran sideways into the other room, meowled (that meow that sounds like “MOW”) and then bolted into the kitchen.

Why do some cats always go nuts right after they poop?

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The only time my cats go bonkers after pooping is when they have a “cling-on” (a piece of poop stuck in the hair around their anus). Other than that, no clue.

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What you’re describing sounds like the typical once a day (usually at night) cat crazies where they just dash around going insane for five mins. or so and discharge all that pent up energy collected after spending 90% of the time napping :)

But maybe with your guys, they felt so good after dropping a great big dookie, they just felt like celebrating the occasion :)

Haven’t we all had a similar feeling after a particularly big one? You feel so much lighter, it’s like dancing on air !


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@Buttonstc And I would have bet money you couldn’t make me laugh about “a great big dookie” until I read your answer. :)

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Mine all do the exact same thing @poofandmook. We always say it’s because they feel lighter. ;)

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Ha ha, thanks, I guess.

Haven’t you ever seen the South Park episode about the search for who dropped a deuce in the urinal?

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@Buttonstc I was meant in a nice way. No, not a big watcher of South Park.

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I hope Milo chimes in to clarify this for us.

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@Judi: I’ll ask him as soon as he returns from his voice lessons; he will be playing Don Giovanni (the great womanizer) in the local opera company next spring. He suggests ordering tickets very early.

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One of my cats used to do something similar. I live in a cape cod and we kept the cat box in the far corner of the family room upstairs. Casper would take a poop and bury it feverishly for a second or two, with his back paws, then launch himself from the cat box like a rocket and make mad dash across the room and down the stairs as though his poop was the most vile, hideous substance on earth. It was pretty comical but I never did figure out why he did. My other cat never did.

And it was different and separate from the evening cat crazies. That always involved both cats and basically consisted of them turning the house into a kitty NASCAR track and chasing and racing each other around the house. Bugsy would literally bounce off the walls during these events. He would take his corners on the walls, and if he had picked up enough speed, when his paws hit the walls he was almost at a 90 degree angle. Casper generally kept to the floor.

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They have a number of sparring matches throughout the day, but the bonkers comes directly after pooping… no dingleberries.

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I haven’t had a cat in years but I sure enjoyed you all talking about yours. Thanks.

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It just feels so darn good! my (now deceased) cat did for 12 years and now my female does the same thing, flies upstairs with airplane ears and away they go, 90 m.p.h or second…LOL nothing wrong, We feel good after the big Dumparoo as well! LOL :)

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I’ve always understood that pooping pushes the content out of the anal glands and that it is extremely satisfying, like the relief of popping an overinflated pimple.

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