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What are some good websites with clothes for juniors?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2769 points ) November 2nd, 2011

I want to find a website that has good clothes for juniors. I like vintage-y/fairly unique clothes; similar to:
Does any one have an online store in mind?

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Delia’s! I shop there and I’m an adult, but still. They have fabulous juniors clothing.

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My favorite has been anthropologie for that look but they’re pretty pricey. Aside from that site, my stepkids like and

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It’s been a long time so I forgot but Newport News has a website with clothes that are knocks off’s of stores like anthropologie and victoria’s secret.

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All of the above are good. I also like Forever 21
and Go Jane

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Damn juniors at ?! Well since I think you’re more into the high end stuff. You might like, and I’m pretty sure the “buyers” all work for the same company, matter of fact, I’m pretty sure the CEO owns all three of these companies. Good luck :D

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Actually, I go for cheap, but quality-looking with great design clothing and I get them from They also have clothes that you can find at or You can save a lot buy looking at different sites and get the one you like where it is cheaper.

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