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Where can I buy mustache wax on the Big Island?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350 points ) December 19th, 2011

Can’t find any. But haven’t really explored Hilo or Kona in great detail. Thought someone may be able to speed my search with their experience.

Mahalo! :)

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can’t you order online, say ?

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Longs Drug use to carry it on the other neighbor islands.

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I saw it many years ago at the pharmacy section of Wal Mart.

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ill check the pharm… for online purchases, it is difficult for someone like me….i got no pay pall, no credit cards, or bank account, and i make my money under the table. or most of the time through work trade (( i do this for you, you buy this for me, no cash exchange)) keeps me off the economic radar a bit….which i like….

thanks yall….

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Big Island is a big place. Where are you more specifically? In Hilo, you might check Walgreens/Longs, Wal Mart, Target, Island Naturals, KTA.

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Big Island is NOT a big place…as far as number of stores is concerned lol….but thanks for the tips i will do some hunting soon….tanks everyone….xoxo

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