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American football: Doesn't this bring a new high to running right over a defender to score a touchdown? See video below.

Asked by ETpro (34355 points ) December 26th, 2011

If you haven’t already seen it, catch Jerome Simpson’s amazing touchdown. He even nails the landing. What do you think? Amazing play of the year?

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This is a great advertisement for tumbling lessons for young boys. Tumbling isn’t just for girls. ;)

Yeah, I missed this play over the weekend. My husband told me about it and I kept missing the replay. Thanks for the link! He’s nuts! Good play.

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If that defender hadn’t been there he’d have been penalized for showmanship. Nice timeing. Nice play. I love it!

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@jonsblond It was such an… erm, “Over-the-top” play that I had to come up with some question as an excuse to post a link for those who missed in on prime time. Tumbling is definitely not just for girls. It’s great for anyone to know how to land on their feet in life.

@fordest I hadn’t even though about the excessive celebration penalty. Great point.

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I’m not a sports fan, but I like watching stuff like this. It reminds me of Vince Carter’s famous dunk over the head of that 7 foot french guy lol.

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That was one of the coolest moves I have ever seen. With his vertical leap, basketball scouts were probably salivating.

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@Blackberry I’m no sports nut either, I didn’t watch this particular game. I don;t watch many football games unless my Patriots ar4e up against a formidable foe and still in contention for the Superbowl. But when I saw this outtake on the evening news, I had to look it up and post it. Ammazingly, it took a number of Google searched to locate video that had anything to do with this. I eventually had to recall the player;s name, and search on it plus the words “flip” and :touchdown”. I would guess it’s getting ever easier to find as time goes on. This post will help.

@marinelife Don’t you know it. Jump? That man is a human rocket-ship.

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@ETpro Sometimes popular clips like this one can be found on the front page of youtube with other trending videos. It was on there multiple times lol. :)

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@Blackberry It is now. When I looked back on December 26, It could not be found so easily. I had to recall his name to nail it.

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@ETpro Oh ok, gotcha.

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