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If Elvis came out of hiding today, would he be taken seriously?

Asked by JaneraSolomon (1147 points ) January 26th, 2012

Suppose Elvis faked his death. He’d be 77 now, would he still have doting followers or would he now be an irrelevant old man?

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Elvis is Elvis. His voice and delivery were exceptional. He would definitely have followers.

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Now let’s hope he practiced a bit, didn’t get throat cancer, and still knows how to swing the ol’ pelvis around.

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I would follow him blind.
He wouldn’t get many followers though if he’d come here on Fluther asking: ”Follow me, I’ll follow back,

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He woud still be loved, admired and followed. Elvis fever has never left the building .

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In either case, it would make the news for sure…

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I wonder how many lawsuits he would be involved in for faking his death.

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I suspect the statute of limitations has expired by now.

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