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What is the nearest hill to where you live?

Asked by flutherother (21342 points ) February 3rd, 2012

Have you ever walked to the the top? What can you see?

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I live on a hill in a canyon with bigger hills all around. If I walk to the top of the biggest hill which is about 500 feet above me I have a panoramic view of the local foothills, river and on a high visibility day, all the way to the city lights 40 miles away.
I can also see plants and birds and rocks and things and horses with no name. lol

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Directly under my feet.

Ok, it’s not a big hill, but if you do look at the topo map with the flood plains listed my next door neighbor and I are right at the high point.

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It’s just down the street—lots of houses on it. You can see a view of the bay from there. :)

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It’s…at @Coloma‘s place.
Wait…what do YOU call a hill?

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I’m guessing the areas around and on the Appalachians. This is what I saw at the top.

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I live on a volcano. I’m not joking. I am surrounded by mountains and hills.

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The Santa Cruz Mountains. There isn’t exactly a top to walk to.

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@judochop No one can top that, thanks a lot for setting the bar SKY HIGH!!!!!!!!!

The nearest hill to me is also a hiking trail called Mt. Sanitas. Being a foot hill of the Rockies, you can see endless mountains to one side and the beginning of the plains/the whole town on the other side. It is dope. And beaaaaaaautiful in the summer. And every other season.

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@Jeruba I love the Santa Cruz area, I’m in the Sierra Foothills in Coloma, technically Placerville. :-)

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Mt. Diablo. No.

I grew up in the Oakland hills, and walked to the top several times, but my Mom’s house had a terrific view of its own.

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There are two hills nearby my house. I live about a mile away from a small regional park, so yeah. The first hill is in a community park. It’s just your standard park with grass and a playground, except there’s a hill and a trail that spirals around it to the top. It’s really not that high, but from the top you can see the whole city and neighboring cities. I think you can even see the beach on a clear day, which is about 20 miles from my house.

The other hill is more like a mountain, and it’s in the regional park. On top of this mountain, you can see the whole regional park, and all of the things in the beforementioned hill. However, you can’t see the all of the regional park from the community park hill, since the regional park hill (mountain) is much taller.

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It is fairly flat here (where I live) ... no hills really close by. We tend to call hills mountains too :D (that’s my opinion anyway).


Actually, there is a hill a couple of kilometres away. I used to live on it and we could see across the top of the other houses. It was great when storms came across. We could sit on our verandah and watch the weather roll in. That is something I miss in this house. I love this house but we are surrounded by trees and the land is very flat so no larger views really. Certainly no storm watching.

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I live on a hill. I can see lots of suburban houses.

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I live on the edge of the Catskill Mountains. All I’ve got around me is hills. I love finding the tops.

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This was taken about a block from my house. I climbed it on the day I took the picture.

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Well in Paradise Hills, we could see all of the City of San Diego. The coronado bridge, the U.S. Navy Fleet, and downtown. It’s a pretty sight. I’ll snap a photo soon!

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I live in a valley near Mt. Diablo, I have both hiked to the top of the neighboring ridge and ridden bicycles up it. I’ve not walked to the top of Diablo, but I have ridden my bike up it numerous times.

On a clear day from Diablo you can see the Sierra Nevada range, including Half Dome. And you can see the Pacific Ocean, all of the Bay, and supposedly Mt Shasta. It’s supposed to be the second largest promontory in the world, second only to Mt Kilimanjaro in the square mileage visible.

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There are a few small hills within Glasgow City boundaries which have become city parks. The nearest to me is Ruchill Park and this is the view from the flagpole at the summit.

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I live on the side of a fjord. Above me is a hill and I walk up it about once week to go to a shopping center. It is a beautiful walk. I can see the fjord and across when I walk up the hill. (I can see the fjord and across from my living room window as well…)

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I live on the edge of the Pennines, there are a few hills but I’m not sure which is the nearest. The view on the top around there looks like this

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@flutherother, what is that in the lower right of the photograph? It looks like a cartoon face with spiky hair and two speech balloons, but it’s as large as a building.

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@Jeruba It’s a slightly faded mural painted on the gable end of a building showing the sun smiling among the clouds.

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In in the Appalachians, too, @Blackberry. I’ve never walked to the top, but I’ve driven to a view much like yours.

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It’s in the park behind our house. It’s quite steep, and you can see a whole lot of the area from the top… mostly buildings, houses and people’s gardens.

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Crap. I meant I’m in, not in in.

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I’m flaggin’ that Auggie!! .............. Not really!!!!

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@augustlan Nice, where was it?

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@Blackberry Somewhere in Martinsburg, WV, I believe. I was driving, but my husband was navigating, and I’ve got a horrible sense of direction, so I can’t be positive. :p

FWIW, there’s an ‘entrance’ (I don’t know what to call it) to the Appalachian Trail in Frederick County Maryland that I drive past at least twice a week. I cross two mountains to get to my daughters’ dad’s house! :)

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@augustlan Oops, I had a blank moment and assumed you lived in NJ. I can’t go to WV just to hike, lol. Thanks though, still :D

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@Blackberry If you ever do get down this way, let me know. We’d love to meet you!

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The nearest hill is right under my house.

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The nearest hill is right next to my house, but it’s covered in trees. It’s fun to run up and down with the dogs (and it’s not a very large hill).

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I saw a hill the other day. We were near the Missouri border.

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All the hills around here are covered with large buildings. :-(
Once it’s finished the new One World Trade Center will have the best view in town.

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