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Why does my 2 week old pull off my breast crying?

Asked by tan253 (1355 points ) April 13th, 2012

So I’ve had my beautiful daughter and she’s delightful!

I’m breast feeding her and lately – maybe over the last few days she has moments where she pulls of my breast and cries then latches back on and tugs at my nipple then pulls away as if frustrated.

I know I have milk as she normally has it all over her face when she pulls off and she’s putting on weight and doing an exceptional job of pooping and peeing (tmi sorry)

I can’t see my pediatrician till next Friday which is frustrating – I have no idea what’s going on – any help would be appreciated!

It’s normally around 5pm till about 8pm…. she’s normally tired as she doesn’t sleep very well around that time – not sure if that helps.


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Are you drinking or eating anything that might be souring your milk? My nursing infant hated it if I had even a single glass of red wine in the evening. Two or three times were enough to establish a correlation in my mind, and I didn’t do it again.

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Hmm, Not to alarm you, but I think you should describe this to your pediatrician over the phone to see if you should see them earlier. She may not be getting enough milk and thus nutrition. It could be serious. perhaps next Friday is too long to wait.

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It is quite possible your milk is coming down too fast for her. Perhaps try lying down when you feed her and have her so she is sucking up (lie her on top of you) to slow down the flow and see if that helps. Things will settle down.

Mention it to your doctor/child health nurse too though.

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She could have an ear infection. It hurts to suck when that happens. I would try to get in sooner. She could need antibiotics.

Good Luck.

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I have drunk a small glass of red wine and I am taking Fernugreek as a milk enhancer…. She does do enough poop and pee to tell me she’s getting enough, it’s just so disheartening when she cries and pulls off!

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You are both learning @tan253. It really will settle down and before long you will both be managing this feeding lark like pros.

Try the lying down thing but do check with your medical professionals too.

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Thanks so much – will trying laying down next time she does it – she is now fast asleep – maybe she’s just exhausted and wants the nipple but not the milk? Little darlings I just want to make sure she’s getting enough but so hard to tell!

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It could be wind

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Does she do it when you start nursing, in the middle, or towards the end of each session?

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Don’t wait to until Friday to see your pediatrician. Contact a lactation consultant now. And give your local LLL chapter a ring. They will likely have someone on call right now who will take your call. Pediatricians are not breastfeeding specialists.

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Almost exclusively at the start of nursing, sometimes the middle, but normally straight away!

I hope I’m making enough milk.

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Hey @tom_g I actually did just that – she’s coming to see me Monday!

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Almost sounds like it’s taking a little to get the milk to letdown. It probably isn’t a big problem, but check it out with your doc.
Edit. Also are you a little tense or worried when you start sometimes?

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@tan253 – Great! Breastfeeding is really a complex thing that requires a ton of support. You shouldn’t have to go through it alone. (Disclaimer: I’m obviously a man, but I have developed some “lactivism” from 9+ years of being surrounded by it. My wife has been a LLL volunteer for years, and is a lactation consultant.) Rock on….(and it wouldn’t hurt to give LLL a call to see if someone will talk to you in the meantime.).

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That happened to me, too. She may have colic, tummy-ache. Too much milk may be coming out, too.

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I had a friend who had this problem. It ceased when she stopped eating so much salami.

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@Adirondackwannabe I am a bit stressed out yes… could she be picking up on that?
I really hope not as I’m trying to not give off that energy… but thank you everyone it definitely helps!

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Do you have a pump @tan253?

Personal Breast Feeding TMI:
I needed to learn something very important from the pump. (Just a cheapo hand held avent one…nothing fancy)
One breast was a strong squirter and produced about ⅔rds more than the other breast. It squirted out at different angles, too…It would cause my son to choke since he couldn’t keep up with swallowing that fast.

The other breast needed harder suction. For that reason, I had my son start on the lower producing breast, and finish on the stronger one.

Maybe you have an issue like this…Or maybe you need to drink an extra glass of water prior to feeding because it’s not letting down fast enough…or???

So many things to learn in the beginning.

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Hey @SpatzieLover I have a breast pump but I can’t pump anything!
Nothing really comes out – I’m not sure if it’s me or the pump – its’ a very cheap electronic pump – the most i’ve ever done is 1oz – I’ve stopped pumping because of it and I’d love to pump as otherwise my partner is feeding her 1 formula bottle at night so I can sleep and he can have some bonding time.

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@tan253 Really concentrate on relaxing and feeling comfortable before the next feeding. I don’t think she’s picking up on your stress. You’re stressing and it’s affecting your letdown of milk. Just get calm and quiet next time before feeding and see what happens.

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very good point @Adirondackwannabe thank you – I’ll try that and let you know how it goes.
I love this site it’s so great to get some amazing feed back – thanks

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You also might want to try a warm shower first, just to help let-down before you start feeding. You can even have baby in the shower with you.

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I never had any luck with a pump, but was able to manually express with no problem- maybe you could try that? And yeah, it sounds like there is something about your letdown that she doesn’t like, whether too fast/ not fast enough. If it’s only that one period of the day that it’s a problem, I would think she’s probably getting enough overall, especially if there are plenty of wet diapers, which it sounds like there are.

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@Trillian I thought that was great at first, but what about the dropping issue? A bath might be too warm for the baby too. Both would relax mom but I always worry about the baby.

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I worry about dropping as well….. bath could be amazing though – cooler than I’d normally have it though i guess!

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@Adirondackwannabe I breast fed all three of my babies. I took all three into the shower with me, as well as warm baths, complete with candles. It’s NOT too warm for them, and I never dropped any of them. The warm water is great for getting the milk to let-down and it’s also relaxing for mommie and baby.
I drop kicked one once, but he was 14 at the time, and that’s another story. ;-)

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ha ha….

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@tan253 Let us know how it works out during the weekend.

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I can’t let you know my expertise in a setting like this but feel free to message me or fb me to learn them.

It sounds like you may have oversupply or forceful letdown. This is very common and normal. See if the link above helps. If it doesn’t sound right or you want/need more support please contact me, I’m more than happy to help.

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You may also benefit by learning about nipple confusion, if a bottle is offered it is best offered after 6 weeks when your milk supply is well established. There are ways your hubby can bond with baby without this feeding. However if the first link works out for you and you like your setup then that is all good and well. If however that link doesn’t seem quite right then it may well be nipple confusion. To treat that you would stop offering the bottle and do breast compressions until your milk lets down , just until babe gets used to it. Another option would be hand express or pump until letdown and then offer the breast.

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Such good advice above me and from some of the guys too! @tom_g and @Adirondackwannabe , great to know you are so supportive!
I would talk to your Dr. about this when you see him/her, but I don’t think it’s anything you have to see them about before your appointment. The LLL and a lactation consultant are great resources and I’m happy that you have those available to you.
Try to relax, I found that was my biggest problem, and also getting enough nutritious food in me. There was no time to prepare a good meal, and I was snacking on whatever I could scrounge.
I would not take the baby in the shower or bath unless I had someone else there to help. I always felt that there was too great a chance of mishap. But, a hot shower or warm bath and fresh clean comfy clothes always made me feel better, relaxed and ready to try again with the nursing.
Hopefully things are settling down now and she is feeding more easily. Let us know!

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My mom used to swear by a small glass of dark beer to help get milk flowing. She had nine kids and breast fed us all. My little man had some nipple confusion and didn’t really like having a bottle and was never ever pacified by a pacifier. He would just spit them out.

I was going to say contact the LLL, but it was WONDERFUL to read here that one of the guys already suggested that, and you had already made an appointment.

I didn’t have any problems with breast feeding and didn’t find it complicated. I made heaps of milk and really enjoyed having breasts for a change sigh.

Best of everything for you and your new little one.

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So just to update – she’s still fussy – the same time pretty much every night but she’s put on 2IBS in 2 weeks which I think is pretty good – the LLC woman is coming today – so I have not given in to formula with the fussing as obviously I have enough milk! sheesh – stressful.
Thanks everyone xo

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Let us know what happens.

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Colic baby!
I have a colic baby… so that’s why she’s so fussy…. poor honey x

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I was going to suggest that might be the cause, but didn’t want to jump the gun.
My colicky baby (32 years ago) was soothed by what many doctors are nowcalling, The 5 S’s
Try it and give it some time. Good luck to you!

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Thanks – its pretty horrible I hate not being able to soothe her and now I have a cold sore that I’m scared I have passed on to her – first time mom is hard!!

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I agree with the 5 s’s @wilma suggested @tan253. Know that with the swing, I have found colicky babes prefer the white noise loud and the swing to be set at the fullest setting.

Just be certain to get enough rest for yourself. If you have anyone that can volunteer to sit with her for even 20 mins while you shower or rest, take them up on it.

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Oh…. white noise – yes actually I put that one for her now and she fell asleep!
Thank you….. I’ll try the 5’s…. xo

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@tan253 At lease you know what it is and have something you can try to help her. Hang in there.

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Some babies are over-tired/over-stimulated by the late afternoon or early evening and the thing they need most is a nap, but they have a hard time getting there.

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