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How much is it to ship a car from florida to san jose?

Asked by love408 (147 points ) May 26th, 2008


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how much are you offering?

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depending if open or closed trailer.
With gas prices the way they are 1800 to 2800 that’s a rough estimate.

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According to a televison show i watched about three months ago, around $800.00.

There are truck drivers out there that do nothing but haul vehicles from one location to another. check it out on ebay.

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You can go online to get a quote from a car transporter. This is how I did mine. Each company will have their own prices and it may depend on the type of car you have. It could be anywhere from three hundred to over a thousand dollars to ship a car.

It’s not cheap.

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My daughter just had her Bronco transported from Seattle to Nashville, Tn.

The cost was $800.

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It might be cheaper to find a military member being transfered that is willing to drive it across country for you. But then you have to worry about them not showing up or totalling the vehicle.

I did that once when I was transferred from Ft Dix to Ft Ben Harrison in Indiana.

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