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If you had superpowers, how long would you really keep your secret identity?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14610 points ) June 6th, 2012

Wouldn’t you have to brag to an ex or someone who turned you down for a date after you saved the world from a meteor strike?

Could you really keep that a secret for long?

Who would you tell first.

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I’d be so excited that I had super powers that I would tell anyone that would listen to me immediately.

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Depends on the superpower. If I could fly, everyone would know immediately. If it was invisibility, no one would ever know. Ya, I have a pervy side.

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Take it to the grave if possible.

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Here’s a secret… I have superpowers! It’s called ADHD.

But if I could explode meteors with a stare… I’d keep it to myself. I don’t trust the government. Look what they tried to do to ET!

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Not a soul would ever know!

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I’d probably grow an instant erection if I found I had superpowers, so not long then….the secret, not my penis ;¬}

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Meh! Who really cares, these days?

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I like my privacy. I would never tell.

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Not long at all. But that doesn’t matter much, since I’d prolly just kill everyone.

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@Symbeline watch, your super power will be “The Human Lie Detector” :P

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Dammit, foiled by my own genius!

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@Symbeline Thank you, but I’m not yours and don’t consider myself to be a genius. :P

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Funny man, you!

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I would probably explode if I didn’t tell someone, so a few of you here would know, and a few other friends and family members. It likely wouldn’t be a secret for very long.

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