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What fun things can I do with an old riding mower?

Asked by laketommy12345 (42 points ) July 4th, 2012

What fun things can I do with an old riding mower? It is about to beat the dust, but I figure I can have some fun with it.

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Convert it into a Zombie Death machine.

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Do you think they have demolition derbies for old riding lawn mowers?

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Maybe put an awning on it and call it a golf cart? Don’t forget the cooler on the back for the drinks and clubs…..

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Mow a lawn or two. But charge BIG money to do it.

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Search under lawn mower at YouTube

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Sell it (for parts / scrap it) and spend the cash on something fun ;-)

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Swap it for this.

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Use scraps for art. If your artistic then sell the rest.

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