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If you were a fly for 24 hours, how would you spend the day?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18766 points ) July 12th, 2012

Would you spy on someone? Annoy the heck out of an enemy? Dive into a cup of ice cream?

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I would spend my time hiding from spiders and people with fly swatters!

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^What he said. I’d spend my day flying around the Masai Mara reserve. Observing all that beauty for 24 hours would be wonderful.

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I deep invisioning that scene in The Fly movie where he barfed on a cupcake (I think it was) before he ate it.

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Flying ;)

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I’d just do some random shit.

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I would fly up the nose of a political leader half way through a live TV interview.

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I’d fly around and land on the food of my enemies.

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I’d park myself on Angie Jolie’s shit, I bet it smells like angels underarms, only a small wager though, because the existence of angels is pure conjecture.

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@stardust Perfect choice and lots of cow manure!
I’d sit on a wall in the oval room at the white house and listen.

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With my luck, I’d get stuck in someone’s homeade two liter bottle fly catcher and drown. Once I changed back into a human corpse, they’d have a lot of explaining to do the police.

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I will fly down Mitt Romney’s mouth during his acceptance speech at the party convention.

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Eating shit.

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Hang around in garbage and look up skirts.

that’s pretty much what I always do, anyways

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