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Are there any hobbies or activities that you do not participate in, but love the accessories associated with it?

Asked by cookieman (33092 points ) July 14th, 2012 from iPhone

For example, I don’t drink or got to bars – but I love the carved wooden handles that screw on to the tap. They’re so creative and eye catching. I wonder if some are hand-carved. I’d like to collect them.

Another one: I detest smoking, but I love Zippo lighters.

How about you?

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Yes. Society.
I just love the accessories.

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I don’t drink liquor but I love shot glasses.

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We did Harley’s for a while. My favorite part was the clothes.

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I love antique or beautiful hand tools of all types, but I pretty much only use modern power tools (unless you count the occasional screwdriver or hammer). If I had the space and money, I’d collect the hell out of beautiful tools.

I don’t garden or do yard work, but I love the stuff that comes with that hobby, too. Garden gloves, carts, gadgets, and (again) the tools.

I own an antique grain shovel, purely because it is a thing of simple, utilitarian beauty (the long shaft and handle are carved from one piece of wood!). Not sure which category above this thing fits into…

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I love fabrics and trims used in sewing: the colors; textures; buttons. I haven’t sewn anything in years. Probably won’t. But I love to look at what’s new.

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I love the Steampunk look and would love to turn my ‘Lady Lair’ into some sort of Steampunk bedroom. I sort of took the first step when I bought a desk for my room. It is quite antique looking with all sorts of little drawers with brass pulls. Completely not practical but I love the look of it.

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I like skate shoes and skate/surf brand clothing, although I am a total poser and could never do either one, haha. (Can’t even remember the last time I bought a pair of skate shoes, but they still make me drool.)

I also like steel toed Doc Martens although I’ve not (yet) had to kick in the kneecaps of a scary skinhead at a concert. Could happen any day though!

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@chyna: Agreed. They are very collectible.

@Judi: There’s an entire industry of style and accessories surrounding Harley. I can see the appeal.

@augustlan: Those hand-made tools last forever too. I have a cast-iron vice that’s over 100 years old. Weighs a ton, but it’s indestructible.

Sunny2: Buttons can be beautiful for sure.

@cazzie: Very cool. Have you seen the animated movie “Steampunk” by the same guy that did “Akira”?

@bookish1: Back when I was in art college in the early 90s, everyone wore steel-toed Doc Martins. Along with trenchcoats, they were part of the uniform.

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Equestrian clothes. Jodhpurs, riding boots, show coats. . .

They are all so cool.

Although, personally, I think a horse is the best accessory.

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I can’t fucking stand campanology, but I do like to play with my bell-end, only sometimes though.

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