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What are things that you don't leave alone, even though you know you should? (especially online).

Asked by phaedryx (6110 points ) July 15th, 2012

This happens to me more often than I’d like:

I know I’ll get pulled into a long argument that won’t accomplish anything, but I still make a comment. I’ll waste a bunch of my time googling around and, in the end, nothing was accomplished.

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My husband. My husband when he is tired of listening to me.

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A pimple or a scab.

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Very rarely on Fluther I will get into a debate with someone and it gets convoluted. If the person makes a false accusation or I feel they are attacking me, I will come back and defend myself, when actually, since it’s online, I could just let it go and walk away. I try not to let that happen too often, though, because I feel like life is too short and for those who have time and energy for excessive arguing, I wonder if they don’t have anything else to do with their lives. I try not to invest a lot of energy into the negativity.

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I am totally guilty of what you described and yes nothing is ever accomplished.

Cooking and my garden are two things I just can’t not fuss and muss with and I do know I really don’t need to but do so anyway.

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Some days are better than others. I try to make my comments and gracefully bow out in a conversation I know is turning sour. Nobody’s perfect. Sometimes I just can’t resist a good verbal scuffle. I’ve found that the older I get, the better I am at controlling myself.

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Sometimes I think my point is being misunderstood and I’ll continue trying to get people to read what has been posted and to open their eyes and their minds. It takes me a little while to realize they are just asshats who gang up on anyone who doesn’t walk lockstep with them.

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I think another reason why I don’t usually get into arguments on Fluther or other sites is because I feel that people’s opinions are usually not going to change, so I have mine and others have theirs. It seems the arguments usually start when I post mine and someone comes back with a direct attack about why mine is wrong. I feel with opinions there’s no right or wrong. I’m not looking to change other people’s minds. As we would say where I used to work, “It’s not that serious!”

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Puddles, when i’m riding my bike & someone, lets just say it’s a kid, is standing by the side of the roa….......

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I have an online friend who is always lamenting her love-life, but any advice that is given gets shot down. I’ll manage to avoid it for a while, but occasionally get sucked back in, and then wonder why I bothered.

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Nachos with jalapenos! Walk away from the cheese machine!

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@Kardamom Mmmmm!
Tetris..once I start, I turn into a zombie!

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My BIL loves to go on a tirade about the latest “shenanigans” of people of a certain race in the town where he lives. His brother wrote a letter to the editor of The Washington Post about the “fact” that the Holocaust never happened….and it got published. (And this guy is a lawyer.) When Dad saw it, he went ballistic. Their father is just as bad, if not worse.

As much as I know it is pointless to oppose to their outrageous remarks, I can’t help it. There is always some glimmer of hope that they will finally snap out of their delusions.

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I have a problem leaving bird boxes alone. We have bluebirds that have nested in the boxes and house sparrows are trying to harass them. I can’t let them do it.
Don’t ask how I dissuade them. But the action is usually permanent.

The bluebird fledglings are days away from leaving the nest. I can’t wait!

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wine… and pocket frogs

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I’m not for getting the last words in, or even trying to ‘win’ a debate. I’m only interested in getting my points across and why I think the way I do about a certain topic. There are times I may debate strongely, but I would hope that I would never get like that!

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A point. Sometimes I try too hard to get a point through to someone and it becomes a never-ending story! Gotta let it go sometimes!

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