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Are there any at-home remedies to cure an upset stomach?

Asked by andreaxjean (1268 points ) July 30th, 2012 from iPhone

I’ve been kind of ill since yesterday (in and out of the bathroom, not vomiting), and I don’t have any Imodium or OTC medicines. Quite frankly, I don’t even think medicines could help.

I think I might have eaten something that upset my stomach. Sundays, my boyfriend and I will go to Dunkin Donuts and get a breakfast sandwich and coffee. Last Sunday after we ate, I had an upset stomach but it didn’t last long. I was in the bathroom once and done. But this stomach ache is sticking around. It’s like anything I put in me wants to come out right away. =[

Anyway, are there any non-medicinal remedies you guys use to treat an upset stomach/diarrhea?

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Peppermint tea.

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Anise tea or mint tea.

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Pot sometimes works…and sometimes not so much.

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Gingerale can calm your stomach, but I think your problem is lower. Eat foods that are easy to digest like crackers, no spicy food, and I recommend no dairy for 24 hours. Rice and bananas are an old remedy for what you have, not that you have to eat them together.

Usually something like this passes within 48 hours.

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Could also be a stomach bug. For upset stomach, flat cola. Put a tiny tiny bit of salt in half a glass of cola and stir till the fizz is gone. Camomile tea also soothes, but drink it lukewarm. After a day or so, some well boiled rice, boiled until it becomes sticky will settle the stomach. Keep hydrated and away from any processed food.

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I get these yummy ginger gummy candies that help. They also have some good hot ginger drinks that might do the trick.

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@JLeslie I hope it passes by tomorrow. I have work for the next five days. The last thing I need is to stink up the bathroom there.

I had soup for dinner tonight with some crackers. I thought the liquid would be a bit easier on my stomach.

@Pandora & @DigitalBlue, I think all I have is Irish tea and black spiced chai. It’s 12:30a here right now. Can’t run to the store. My daughter is in bed. =[

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The BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, apple, toast) for 24 – 48 hours to make sure you are not upsetting your stomach further than it already is. Also, I wouldn’t recommend Imodium. I tried that once and my doctor yelled at me lol. She said if that is my body’s way of trying to get rid of something, I need to let it get rid of it! So she put me on the BRAT diet and in 24 hours I was back to normal pretty much. Also, chamomile tea helps to settle an upset stomach, and ginger ale. Or ginger tea. Basically ginger will cure all that ails you :)

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Don’t eat soups with lots of veggies or things like split pea. Stick to chicken noodle and beef barley, stuff like that. Soggy veggies and fiber is more likely to go right through you.

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Ugh. I just wish there was something I could do for immediate relief. Or I wish I had an ambien to help me sleep. Whenever I took ambien before bed with an upset stomach, it would go away. Except it would make me feel high as a kite.

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Sprite or ginger ale usually helps me when I have an upset stomach.

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You can try some honey in warm water, just sipping a little at a time. Or if you have some lemons you can squeeze them into room temperature water. It helps my stomach sometimes when it is upset. Then wait a little and have some crackers. Sometimes and empty stomach can make you feel worse.

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@Pandora, yeah. Last night after I had to take my boyfriend home, I was shaking so bad because my stomach completely emptied itself. I felt like I was going to start dry heaving.

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Similar to @Pandora suggestion of Anise tea, I recommend sucking (not chewing) on black licorice sticks. These also contain Anise which for me and others I know has worked miricles

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Burnt toast and Gatorade.

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@mrlaconic I’m not a fan of anise. My mom is the only one in the family who likes black licorice. Tea, however, I can tolerate. The taste isn’t as strong as actually sucking/chewing on licorice. Plus it gets liquids into me.

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I recommend at this point stop eating and drinking for a few hours and you should be able to rest. If your system is purposely getting rid of everything in it because of a bacteria, it will keep doing exactly that, so adding food just means it will keep getting rid of it.

Dehydrating is only a big concern for very young children, an adult who is reasonably hydrated can go without food or drink for a few hours and nothing bad is going to happen. Unless you actually are feeling thirsty, then I recommend you still drink, but force feeding yourself is not going to make you feel better in my opinion. However, don’t go too long, an empty stomach can feel sick also. Sleep a few hours and see how you do in the morning,

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@johnpowell has it, sip on gatoraide, it replaces the electrolytes etc that you are losing. In Australia there is an across the counter remedy called Buscopan, I don’t know if there is anything like it in the USA but it works fantastic and is natural. I don’t like to take anything, I prefer to let my body do the work healing itself but if it persists for a couple of days, then I reach for the Buscopan. Google it perhaps there is something similar in the USA.

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Eating habits.

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Ginger ale is a good remedy.

Slightly stronger: coca cola syrup. Take a glass of regular Coca Cola, pour some sugar into it to get rid of the carbonation, and drink. (Not sure it works with other sodas, never tried.)

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@bolwerk Ugh, I think all that sugar would make my stomach feel worse. =\

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Are you feeling better today?

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@andreaxjean: heh, I hear ya, but believe it or not it works. (Probably better to avoid because of the carbs.)

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@JLeslie I started feeling better a couple days later. After I got it all out of my system, I felt really run-down and tired. I’m 100% better now, though. =]

Thanks, everyone, for all of the helpful answers!

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Drink sprite and eat bread. (Without anything on it)
I think you should also try just taking a nap and hopefully you’ll get better:)

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