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What are some good time-wasting websites that you enjoy?

Asked by jca (33348 points ) September 26th, 2012

For me, it’s mostly Facebook and Fluther, and some blogs (I like blogs on creativity like crafts and decorating). I also go to Pinterest sometimes.

What sites do you like for time-killing? I am asking because I’d like to check some out and find some I enjoy.

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StumbleUpon. I can spend HOURS Stumbling.

The blog will literally have you wetting yourself it’s so funny.

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Lately I am really enjoying Buzzfeed,

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Fluther for sure. Huffington Post sometimes for its entertainment value. Slate sometimes.

I’m not a big games player; usually I go to sites that have something interesting to read.

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You mean there are other websites other than Fluther???

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I spend way too much time at home playing Spades on Yahoo!

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I like stuff like Buzzfeed,, Snopes, StraightDope and,

And then there’s Reddit…. but if you join it, just know you may never escape

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I spend a lot of time playing solitaire for points on a game site that allows me to exchange points for chances to win prizes.

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I second I love the countdowns that they have. I also used to spend a lot of time stumbling upon things.

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No Excuse List
Though I don’t consider it wasted time

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STFU Parents
List Verse
Daily Mail
Go Fug Yourself
I can has…
Ghost Study

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Dear me! I was going to answer, but now I have to go check out all these sites! buh-bye

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Answerology is fun, too, sometimes. They have a whole different system of lurve (some of it even negative), which can be fun to play with. They also, um… seem to have a hell of a lot more traffic there, too.

And if you can answer the dream questions, you’re in like Flynn. But if you don’t want to answer them, you can POP them (post-on-post) and have even more fun with them.

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