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Is there a good monthly news magazine or a journal out there?

Asked by orlando (627 points ) December 14th, 2012

I’d like to stop reading the daily newspaper, but would still like to keep up to date to the happenings in the world, so I’m looking for a good monthly newspaper or a journal.

Economist looks good, but I don’t like their weekly format—monthly or bi-monthly is something I would prefer. Any suggestions?

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The Atlantic is a good one in my opinion. A couple others: National Review for a conservative viewpoint; The Nation or New Republic for a liberal viepoint.

But these are more opinion magazines. There are not “good monthly” news magazines because in that time frame it isn’t news anymore.

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I agree with @zenvelo. There are no real monthly options except Atlantic, which is not really a news magazine.

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Mother Jones comes out bimonthly. It’s liberal. Very good, though. Excellent investigative reporting.

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Monthly news is a bit oxymoronic. How about a weekly – Like TIME?

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Thanks guys (and girls). I’ll check all them out.

I still prefer monthly over weekly. I know this might sound funny to some in today’s age of instant news, but weekly is too much for me. I like a bit more depth of coverage and lesser frequency that a monthly can provide better.

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