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What do you think Joseph Campbell would say about Gobekli Tepe?

Asked by shankargallery (9 points ) December 25th, 2012

Gobekli Tepe is 12,000 years old, oldest found temple, what would Joseph Campbell say about this?

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Perhaps you could add some more details. I know where and what Gobekli Tepe is, but have no idea who Joseph Campbell is. I see on wiki he is related to mythology and religion, so is this a creationism question regarding the 12k years?

Edit: Or are you talking about the ancient astronaut conspiracy?

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Yes, I know about Joseph Campbell and have met him, but hat re you thinking?

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He would probably laugh, because his canned beans have a longer shelf life than that.

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And I know all about Joseph Campbell but know nothing about Gobekii Tepe.

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