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Is there any reason my backspace (delete) key won't work on Facebook?

Asked by serenityNOW (3608 points ) January 16th, 2013

Chalk this one up to bizarre, but just the other day, while trying to type a note to someone on Facebook, the backspace/delete key wouldn’t work. (Just checked, today as well.) Specifically, Safari on the Mac. First, I thought it was some sort of new “feature” in Facebook, but why? Well, I know I can use Firefox, but it seems dumb to load up a different browser. More importantly, I could just stop using Facebook! Still, though, can someone try to emulate this for my own sake!

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I use Safari on an iMac OS 10.8.2, and my delete key works just fine on F/B.

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@gailcalled – Same OS, assuming same Safari (I always keep it up-to-date.) I closed and re-opened Safari. Works fine on Fluther. It seems beat-generation-esque. Just stream-of-conciousness, man. I’ll try rebooting my computer, later. I know there’s a way to ”“reset” Safari. (I’ve done it before.) Would rather not; it messes up all my passwords. Thanks for checking!

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Safari Version 6.0.2 (8536.26.17)

At least you have the fallback of Firefox if you need to write vital messages on F/B. Think of how much worse it might me.

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Thanks Gail – I’m out right now, but I’ll make sure it works later when I get home. It does work on my laptop, so all is not lost! Also, searching Fluther if found this thread:
How much does your backspace key know? – Maybe my backspace key just had enough of me forwarding kittens and pictures of food to people I barely know.

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Does it only happen on Facebook? If so, you could try making a shortcut for the space bar, like copying and pasting it from another url. Use Control+C for copying and Control+F for pasting.

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edit; “might be” and not “might me,” speaking of keys that hate you.

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