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What are your favorite cut flowers and why?

Asked by marinelife (60710 points ) February 18th, 2013

My favorites are oriental lilies like Stargazer, Enchantment or Casa Blanca., because they smell fantastic (they can perfume a whole room) and they last a long time.

But for Valentine’s Day I got a bouquet of various pastel roses: yellow, peach, orange that I really liked.

What’s your favorite and why?

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I love Gerbera Daisies. My grandma said they are a peasant flower, she seemed less than impressed I used them for my wedding. I love all the colors they come in and there is something sweet about them, unpretentious.

Roses are my least favorite to receive, they tend to die quickly.

I like a tropical bouquet also for the odd shapes and colors.

The fragrance of a flower has little to do with whether I like them or not.

I should mention I am not overly wowed by flowers in the first place. I don’t keeo fresh flowers in my home, I prefer you don’t arrive at my house with a bunch in your hand, and I much prefer my husband spend money on something else. But, I appreciate the thought if you do give me flowers.

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Mine are Gerber Daisies and Sunflowers. They make me smile.

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I love, love, love flowers of all shapes and sizes. Some of my favorites are gladiiolus. My aunt grew them when I was a young child and I loved her like she was my own mother. She was unique and strong and died too young of cancer.

I also love peonies. They may be my favorite. I love the ants that are needed for them them to grow. I love the smell, the look, the way they feel.

I love wisteria and the way it crawls across everything in its path and covers it with its unbelievable beauty.

@chyna, I just planted sunflower seeds (and zinnias) with my granddaughter. They are growing like weeds. I just had to transplant them into a bigger container today.

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@bkcunningham Send pics when they are grown.

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Tulips because they make me happy, orchids because they are elegant and gorgeous.

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< This photo was taken Friday, I’ll keep you posted. The seeds were planted Wednesday. Unbelievable and extremely fun with a 3-year old helping me.

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@bkcunningham Love peonies and wisteria

@wildpotato Tulips always make me smile

@marinelife Stargazer lilies are impressive

OK these are more flower garden but Begonias{B6D21294–82E9–4B7F-80B7–0D1829E0CA6A}&v= always stop me in my tracks.

Recently been looking at getting some ginger for my house. And Coleus’s{B6D21294–82E9–4B7F-80B7–0D1829E0CA6A}&v= don’t even need to bloom to be outstanding.

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I love Gerbera Daisies, and I love forcing hyacinths. (sp). Coming home on a cold nasty day and smelling that fragrance when you open the door is amazing.

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Gladiolus all colors, all styles.

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@bkcunningham your potted seedlings look like they might enjoy some more light, they look somewhat leggy : ^)

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