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What careers are available, in Alberta, with a social work two year diploma from Red Deer college?

Asked by talljasperman (16706 points ) March 12th, 2013

Could I be a social worker in a hospital?

P.S. I am hoping to one day open a private practice in the field of mental health… like an assesment or research psychologist. Currently I have to restart my education from High School up since my old college changed the admission requirements to 70% average, I only have 62%.

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Most social service providers want a Bachelor’s degree or Masters of Social Work. Two year degrees may get you a position as an aide in a hospital or school.

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@Tropical Willie Thanks

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I work closely with a social worker in a public school system and even she says that most employers want a graduate degree in social work and even then the jobs don’t pay that well. She has a Masters Degree in social work and she hates her job. I would suggest you consider getting at least a bachelors degree. By the way I work in New York City and so the social workers here make better money than they might make in other parts of the country but requirements are the same all over basically.

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