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Archery tip replacement help?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (2954 points ) May 29th, 2013

I got new arrow tips today they’re Allen Field Point Target Points 100 Grain and 9/32’’ Diameter. I’m still learning the ways of archery so I’m not sure on how to install the point onto my new 28’’ Carbon Arrow for my Sentinel longbow. Can any fellow archers help me out here? Also the Carbon Arrow is new..And the tip came off so that’s what I’m replacing specifically.

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Does it have the insert for the tip to screw into?

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No it does not…

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Go to the archery store and pick up a pack of threaded inserts. Anyone who cuts arrows to length has them in their tool box. You can use a hot glue gun to attach the insert to the arrow. Then you can screw in the different sized tips. They are not expensive.and will make your life much easier.

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Awesome thank you LuckyGuy, btw is there specific measurements I need to know for the insert? I sadly am not near a local archery store…:/

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You need to know the arrow’s OD and ID. Outer diameter and inner diameter.
You can measure them yourself with calipers as the numbering system on carbon fiber arrows is confusing.
Aluminum arrows are easy. There were always marked with a number consisting of 4 digits like : 2415. The first 2 digits are the OD in 64th of an inch. So it is 24/64 inch (3/8”). The last 2 digits are the wall thickness in 0.001 inch. So it has a 0.015 inch wall. 0.375 – (2×0.015) = 0.340 ID.

Bring the arrow to an Archery store or good sporting goods store and they will help you select the right size insert. You don’t need to be perfect. Hot melt glue is very forgiving

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