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Parents of adult children: Which age was your favorite age of parenting?

Asked by keobooks (14267points) September 14th, 2013

When looking back from newborn to adult, did you have a favorite age your kids were? My experience with my daughter is that each phase she goes through is my new favorite. (Except for newborn. Even when she was newborn, I couldn’t wait for her to grow a little bigger so she could at least smile.)

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18 months to 2. (At least they’re my favorite for grad parenting. )
Their little personalities are bursting out and they are having a language explosion. They also seem to begin having so much self confidence.

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My youngest is 26 now, and has bought his own place. Parenting has never been easier than it is right now. But like @Judi I miss that toddler phase most. It was such fun to watch intelligence and personality blooming so rapidly.

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I loved 3–5 and 5–12. Three to five because they’re starting to put so many things together in funny ways and 5 – 12 because they’re somewhat independent but still really want to be with you. Strangely enough, I also enjoyed much of the teenage years (mine were boys), the kidding around, the smarts and even some of the shared pain. College is great too.

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Each age was fascinating. “Where’d the money go?” My son’s first sentence when he dropped a penny in a shrub. Age 1½. “Oooh, I’m so high I can feel the clouds tickle my bottom!” my daughter held up in the air by her father on her third birthday. Watching and listening to the development of two wonderful people has been (is) a joy I’m glad to have had.

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About age 3 to age 9. My daughter and I had so much fun!
I was a very wacky and creative mom and was never at a loss for fun things to do, invent.
Now my parenting duties are long over and we have such a great time as peers now. She is turning 26 in Nov. and I am turning 54 in Dec.

Just the other night she called me and we immediately fell into the most hilarious improv.routine….too complicated to explain, but two more quick witted and funny woman have never come down the pike. It pays to breed your own kind. lolol

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Although my son is only 2, this is by far the best stage he’s been in so far. It’s amazing how fast he’s learning things now. His brain is just eating up every piece of knowledge it can find! Although newborns and young babies are adorable, they can be boring. There’s not much they can do or say at such young ages. Once the words start forming and they can walk and feed themselves and express more emotions than just crying…that’s when they become so absolutely fascinating.

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3–7 was the best. I also loved once they were 11 and 12, since they could see so many movies.

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I also liked the toddler phase of 1–3, and the early school-aged years ~6–9 the most, but each age and stage has its pros and cons, for sure.

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I’d like to say 8–10, but I have fond memories of every age.

My oldest is 21 and youngest is 9.

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three to five. great time, they are so full of questions, so full of life, so giving and loving.

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The high school years were the toughest for me and my son but with my daughter I would say it was the middle school years.
With him it was a challenge to keep him in the public school system.
With her it was how rough and vicious middle school girls are and yet how fragile their egos are. High school was much easier because by then she had developed calluses. That and the ability avoid those who are inclined to be that way. She always preferred the company of boys because they did not have the “drama” that high school girls have in their relationships.

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