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Have any of my fellow Fluterites been following the Fukushima disaster?

Asked by Linda_Owl (7690 points ) September 15th, 2013

What do you think about when considering using Nuclear Energy to generate electricity? I came across this Link on the internet

Trying to use Nuclear Energy to generate electricity is totally not practical… there is no safe way to even dispose of the spent fuel rods (which remain radioactive for 5,000 to 10,000 years). We will be paying for the Fukushima disaster with our lives & the lives of the marine life in our oceans & we will be paying for the Fukushima disaster with the lives of our children, too.

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Not surprising, and certainly nothing new. The earth is already at critical mass what’s a little more radiation? We’re already paying with our lives and loss of natural environments,species,marine life as it is. Particle pollution, loss of habitat, toxic waste, nuclear leaks, on and on. It’s not even sad, it’s expected, nothing to get all riled up about IMO.
Just another drop in the bucket of doom.

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The real lesson from this is that corporations need government regulation. Corporations are not to be trusted to regulate themselves, because they do a crappy job.

This situation is such that IF the Japanese government had stronger regulations, and IF they had enforced them, then this would be FAR LESS of a disaster.

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I have been opposed to nuclear power since the days of protesting against Diablo Canyon in southern California. No one in the nuclear power industry has come up with a meaningful and safe way to dispose of the waste byproducts other than encapsulate it in concrete for 10,000 years and pray that the warning signs don’t disappear.

@elbanditoroso, corporations do a great job of regulating themselves, as far as they are concerned. It’s just that they have different goals than society.

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I wish they would hurry up and develop better ways to feed our need for energy, but as long as certain corporate cartels are more powerful than the governments of the nations they operate within, it will happen only when the corporations decide the time is right. There are a lot of horror stories, both economic and human. Remember Three Mile Island? Chernobyl? In the part of Florida I come from there is a plant that has been offline more than online for repairs, and now they’ve decided to junk it. It has cost nearly a billion dollars so far and is useless. Now Duke wants to build a new one that will be even more expensive—and get this, Duke wants to pass the costs of both onto its customers who are now, in this area anyway, paying more per Kw/hr than most others in the nation. Then there’s the fiasco plant on Island, Seabrook or something, I forget. But I’ll never forget when they decided to build the Point Arena Plant just north of San Francisco. Right on top of the intersection of two—count ‘em—TWO major earthquake faults. That’s about as sensible as putting a biological warfare testing facility right in the middle of the Boston-New York- Washington D.C. corridor. Oh yeah, that’s been done too, it’s called the Plum Island Facility.

Go figure.

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I don’t think that “” is considered a credible source. At all. It seems like a super-alarmist website set up to promote the author’s doomsday book.

Other articles on the site include:
“Is our sun in the early stages of shutting down?”
“Absolutely Shocking Syria War Bible Code”
“The Human Race Is Dying: DNA Degeneration Would Eventually Lead To The Total Extinction Of Humanity”

I find those articles to be total nonsense. The one about DNA Degeneration contains the following quote:
“In a statistical regression analysis of declining life spans since Noah (lived 950 years), after 32 centuries since Noah the life expectancy has declined to about 70”

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@PhiNotPi Agreed, though the issue is serious enough that I’d be interested in checking out what more credible sources have to say on the matter.

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I was watching the news with my family, and they showed what was described as “hydrogen ignition”. I jumped out of my chair and started screaming at the television. That was no hydrogen ignition! I knew it was a fission burst. It scared the shit out of me, while everyone else was telling me to calm down. I knew better.
It was months…MONTHS… before they admitted that it had been a fission burst. I knew the moment I saw it that the government would lie to cover their asses even in the light of evidence. All hope was lost of proper procedure since they would not acknowledge the problem.

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They really are trying to create Godzilla. He will help the Japanese conquer the world.

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