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Who is your favorite athlete participating in the upcoming winter Olympics?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (5128 points ) December 2nd, 2013

My daughter is quite taken withy Shaun White. He’s cute, alright. I find Ohno to be very exciting to follow. Who excites you?

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Here is a nice list of HOT Olympians

Julia Mancuso
Allison Pottinger
Carmen Schaefer
Natalie Geisenberger

I could go on and on…..

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Well, he doesn’t excite me that way, but I’m really pulling for Steve Holcomb and the guys and Night Train.

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My daughter likes Shaun best because she finds him cute, (In a Jr. high crush on Donny Osmond updated to X games kind of way.) Really though, my question is about any atheletes you like to follow and root for, with or without hotness level involved.
We both enjoy watching the snowboarding, especially since we play the video game. I like Ohno because he is just fearless at those speeds they have to skate, and sometimes he seems to pull ahead from…. thin air? So many of the winter sports are so dangerous, I often watch which white knuckles, but so fun to cheer for favorites!

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The ones who boycott it.

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The last Winter Olympian I remember was Franz Klammer. I’m giving away my age here.

Oh, and Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. Famous for being our first ever Olympic ski-jumper and coming last.

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Maybe I am just not paying attention but I have seen very little about the Olympics and athletes. I have no idea who is participating.

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I boycott watching it in order to punish Russia.

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I respect that opinion, so many do feel that way. I see it as I value the athletes and my own entertainment more than some petty rusky differences. I’m blanking on his name,( I have that issue with my memory), but the figure skater who retired early because of the
russian issue is still going to cover the skaters for NBC. He is begging fans to still be supportive of the participating athletes, and not let them be robbed of their opportunity after all those years of practice. It’s hard to choose which way to go, but I’ve seen a boycott before, and there were lots of regrets.
Thankyou for your honest imput.

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To be more precise, I’m punishing Putin and his supporters. There are millions of decent Russians. Many of them are supporting freedom-loving Ukrainians, which is great.

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