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Where did you put that thing?

Asked by DWW25921 (5820 points ) December 2nd, 2013

When I loose something I usually find it in the living room. I forget, have to backtrack, put it down to get that other thing… Man, I got it bad. So, what’s something you misplaced and where did you find it?

I had a big pair of boots vanish on me. I mean, I live in a 2 bedroom house and these were huge boots! That just to say there’s really not a lot of room for things to vanish… Off and on I’d say I was looking for about 2 years. I know right?

They turned up behind a retired television set in the guest room. I was cleaning out the closet and BAM! There they were! That same closet ate a rug, a toolbox and desk fan!

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One morning last week I couldn’t find my iPhone. I was 99% sure it was in the house, but after searching for 45 minutes and repeatedly calling my mobile number, I was ready to give up. Then I remembered “Find My Phone.” I opened the app and it showed the phone was somewhere in my neighborhood. I pinged it and heard a loud electronic wail from somewhere in the house. I went downstairs and found it under a pillow—the one place I hadn’t looked! It was still set to Silent from the night before, which is why I hadn’t heard it ring when I called it (thank goodness “Find Your Phone” overrides that). I tell you, it was like finding a million bucks.

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On top of the trash can in the bathroom. It’s usually my phone. @Pachy, I would be lost without that Ap!

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I’ve lost my phone nearly every day… It’s sad… I totally feel your pain!

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Many many socks, I always have 1 sock of the pair but can’t figure out just what happened to the other one. I end up always buying new socks, can someone tell me where all these socks go? I have a whole laundry basket of single socks that go unmatched and go through it everytime I do laundry but it seems only to collect more single socks.

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For me it’s usually the key or remote. Once happened to get my remote from the fridge! My daughter had kept it there while she was retrieving something and forgot it there.

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My iPod touch got lost in a box of packing peanuts that I had sitting be my bed. I think I fell asleep one night with it in my pocket and it slipped out and got pushed into the packing peanuts.

I looked for it for over six months. Cleaned everything and even moved my bed around thinking it fell behind it. I even got and my hands and knees and raked through the lawn looking for it with my fingers. No Luck.

A roommate needed to ship a box and I gave him one with some packing peanuts in it. He found the iPod while packing the box.

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My keys, once I had to call locksmiths 3x in a month.

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Here’s another Find My Phone miracle. Driving around one day—this was maybe two years ago—I realized I didn’t have my new iPhone with me. I scoured my car, no luck. I went home and searched, no luck. I retraced my route that day and stopped at the two stores I had visited, still no luck. THEN I remembered that I had dropped off a couple of boxes at Goodwill early that morning (by now is around 2 p.m.).

I drove there and talked to the two employees who had helped me. NO LUCK. I was devastated. I went home and tried using Find My Phone for the first time. By that time I was pretty sure my phone was lost for good, but minutes after sending the signal I got a phone call from Goodwill. They’d heard an incredibly loud sound coming from a box that was buried under several others, pulled it out and found my phone! Apparently it had fallen into one of the small boxes I dropped off and those boxes had been stacked with many others. All the boxes were about to be trucked away when my FMP signal went off.

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TV remote absolutely has a mind of it’s own & it’s a devious, tormenting mind at that…bastard thing.

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I know it’s around here somewhere…...

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@creative1I often where all those socks go.

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@silky1 There waere some good answers to that question here .

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Socks and remotes… Classic. The kittens like to attack my socks so this problem has been heightened. Maybe I should come up with a new sock system?

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I always find it in the last place I look for it. Weird how that works.

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Our phones have an automatic “find” button. I have no idea on how they get under the couch but push the button and there they are!

My dog gets the dirty socks and spreads them throughout the house. I don’t know why he does this.

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I’m late most places because I can never find my car keys or wallet. I swear I put them in the same spot every night but somehow come morning they’re gone.

(Though I once caught my cat, on camera, moving my wallet into the back of my closet. Little fucker.)

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I wasn’t looking for it, but today I woke up late and stumbled into work with some undies hanging out of my shoes. Of course the first person to see me and notice was the muscle bound good-looking 34 yr old. We had a good laugh… At least they were cute.:)

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I once lost a necklace, and found it two years later in the middle of the living room carpet, I have absolutely no idea how it got there after so long.

When my dog was still alive I would frequently find lost shoes hidden behind the sofa. I know exactly how they got there.

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One time I got all the way home and realized I left my phone at the drugstore. I took my iPad with me and went back to the store. I used the find my iPhone ap and made it ring. I followed the bing right to the cosmetics aisle where I obviously had set it down.

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@downtide vacuum much? : P

I just found a set of keys in my work locker that I had given up on. I distinctly remember looking for them there three times.

They have an old apartment key on them…. Hmm temptin ;)

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@Unbroken Frequently, and had in fact done so that same morning. Which is why the discovery is still a mystery.

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@Unbroken, hopefully the management company changes the keys at every turn. We sure do!

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I was teasing
@downtide, but you may want a better vac though this time it worked out fortuitously.

@Judi I was joking again, on that point I don’t think they do, the keys say do not duplicate but our local locksmith will anyway as long as you aren’t from one a specific apt building. But it doesn’t matter. Already thrown away.

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@Unbroken the only theory I have is that it was caught on an item of clothing that hadn’t been worn for a couple of years, and dropped off onto the floor that day.

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