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An Auburn fan was serving an Alabama fan and was left with no tip how do you feel about this?

Asked by pleiades (4933 points ) December 3rd, 2013

Here is the article with a photograph it’s fairly easy to digest.

At first I thought it was funny, but then I realized wow, this is just plain crap. I mean, to go to a restaurant to get some service, where you don’t have to clean after yourself and to not tip? That’s horrible. And yes I’m a server/busser/foodrunner/host/food expo so I might be biased. But man, that server is responsible for tipping out the food runner, food expo, busser and sometimes even hostess.

So how do you feel about it all? Just a light joke, or was this next level from the guest to the server.

(And when will servers stop showing their name on the damn receipts! haha)

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