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At what age do you plan on retiring, from the work force?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (3705 points ) December 3rd, 2013

Myself I want to partly retire at 60 only drive the nice seasons, no more winter driving, and totally retire at 65, how about you?

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I don’t know. My s/o is going to retire at 50, don’t know about me.

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I am 58, looking like ten more years since my daughter has three years of high school, college, and most likely post grad work.

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@talljasperman really did you win the lottery?

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Done and deliriously delighted.

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I’ll never be able to retire.

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@SQUEEKY2 I’m ill and live on disability.

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At 65, though I might go on a bit longer.

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I haven’t worked in about 5 years, I am 45. But, I am just gearing up to look for a job again. I hope my husband can retire from his regular 9–5 by 55 and work at consulting maybe. So, not really retired, but a major change in career I guess. Some more freedom hopefully while still working hard at times. We would not be able to give up earning an income altogether, but it could be more sporatic assuming nothing changes drastically between now and then and we continue to save and I get a job relatively soon and can save that too. I want to help him be able to change jobs without a lot of fear, so I need to start earning something, and I am ready to fell productive again. I would love for us to own a business together in our 50’s, even if it is helping with his consulting. Totally retired never work again, I have no real number in my head, I just think in terms of having more flexibility because we don’t have to work. I hope by 60 we can do it if we want to. Healthcare plays into the equation. I also hope we are working in something we love and don’t want or need to fully retire.

My dad retired in his 50’s and then did his own business after that. He had a good pension from the military. He didn’t have to work for financial reasons. My mom retired in her early 60’s with a pension also. She helps my dad a little with his business, but she has no desire to work again really.

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@talljasperman Sorry to hear that,but it does explain the 18 though.

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When I drop dead will be the day I retire.

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@ZEPHYRA That’s a touch sad, unless that is the way you want,I have a coworker that is 70 and still driving doesn’t ever want to retire.

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I plan to take SS at age 70. Will keep my biz going after that if I can.

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I won’t. I’m pretty sure I’ll drop dead at work.

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I retired from the work force when my youngest son was born, I was 37 at the time.

I worked various part-time jobs a few months, now and then, since.

I have been receiving social security payments for the past 5 years.

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Too far away to really think about it.

But at this point I am wondering why I would retire at all. Seems sort of like going to the Elephant’s Graveyard to me. I would have to come up with some new purpose. And at that point why not keep working at what I do?

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I would like to retire now. However, with my personal economics and the global economy as lousy as they are, I’ll probably have to work until I’m over 70. Luckily, I can currently get by working just 4 days a week. I’d lose my sanity if I had to go back to 40+ hours.

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Probably 65 or 66, but I only work part time now.

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50, as it turns out. I’m 52 now, and so far, so good.

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When I am dead, and maybe not even then.

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Technically I’m still on payroll but practically I all but retired just before was 50. Hubby is pretty much retired to but he’s in his early 60’s.

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I am 57, and I am retiring in 3 weeks.

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^^ Congratulations @filmfann

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@filmfann Congrats!!! I hope you have a long healthy retirement. I am 1.16 years away from my 30 yrs. I don’t want to retire (I will only be 58) but I will not stay a nano-second longer than 30 years at this seriously dysfunctional nys agency.

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High five @filmfann!

Three words for the wise:
Nuff said.

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